Medical field begins using crucifix toad's adhesive: Should medical science look at natural remedies more seriously?

  • Medical science should look to natural remedies to use in place of manufactured or engineered chemicals in modern medicine.

    Natural remedies have been used for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of ailments and can be as effective as anything modern medicine has to offer. The wider and more available use of such natural remedies would offer patients treatment options that would possibly be more affordable as well as effective, with the bonus of having less side effects than modern medicines.

  • For the majoirty of human existence we have used these remedies

    Of course, nothing can compare to modern science for combating specific diseases and treating others, but in many cases anything that gets the job done will work. In many cases, these remedies have been used for thousands of years before the invention of modern medicine, and they worked just fine for humans. In a world in which you can easily go bankrupt through medical costs, it makes sense to search out all working alternatives.

  • Yes, they should.

    Can the Crucifix Toad teach us something useful? Non-toxic, porous glues with high tensile strength that adhere in water? That could have important medical uses, maybe for surgeries. Could there be water conservation applications? What else can you think of? When you go hunting for smart, stylish, sustainable design solutions, it pays to ask “How would nature do it?”

  • Medical science has benefited from natural remedies in the past and should continue to rely on nature.

    Not all cures have to involve chemicals and man-made synthetic drugs. Some of the most effective treatments are the ones discovered by the ancients, such as using aloe for sunburn. Modern technology still has not taught us how to preserve bodies as well as the Egyptians, using naturally available substances. Most medicines are plant based anyway, but medical science should not grow too reliant on synthetic drugs made in a laboratory. Technology has its place and definite advantages in some cases, but is not a cure all for everything. Sometimes, the natural remedies are the least harmful in addition to being the most beneficial.

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