Medical Malpractice Should have consequences

Asked by: garcia123
  • Consequences should be applied and funeral expenses should be payed off

    People can suffer emotional distress because of loss of family or friends ,with no consequences to the doctors who caused it .One thing is that every one makes mistakes ,but doctors may be under drug and/or alcohol abuse without the hospital knowing it . People might not only become handicap but homeless also,and when a person dies because of this it can make their children orphan. When medical Malpractice happens not all people get lucky and family's will have to pay funeral expenses,and may not have enough money

  • Only If The Injuries Were Deliberate

    If a doctor is deliberately causing harm to patients in order to bleed more money from them (or because of darker intentions) or if a doctor shows up to work intoxicated or otherwise mentally encumbered to the extent that his/her judgment and/or motor control is impaired and a patient suffers some time of injury as a result of their malintentions or carelessness then yes, absolutely there should be consequences. We need standards in this sphere more than almost any other in the world.

  • It should to an extent.

    Medical Malpractice should be punishable to an extent. If it was purposefully malpractice that doctor should not be able to practice again. If the malpractice was an accident, an error in the doctor's methods, a sleep deprivation problem, the doctor should have his license revoked for a year, be investigated thoroughly, and then be allowed to return to practice, with 6 months of close supervision.

  • Mistakes are made in all workplaces

    Mistakes occur in a plethora of different workplaces, not just in the medical workplace. Workers are never penalized for making mistakes every now and then so why should doctors. When patients are submitted to hospitals and allocated doctors they are willfully entrusting their lives in the hands of doctors. The patients are aware that malpractice may occur but they have no other choice and entrust their lives in the hands of doctors anyway as they know that there is no other option.

  • It will happen

    The human body is a complex system and mistakes will happen and people will die, but doctors don't practice because they want to hurt people they practice because they want to help people. Many feel bad when they lose a patient they don't need to be punished because of it. Malpractice lawsuits make many doctors fear making decisions that may help a patient, but is dangerous to do. This is a lowering standard of care because of fear from being sued for just doing their jobs.

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