Medical marijuana dispensaries: Can marijuana help treat marijuana?

  • Marijuana should be legalized

    For doctors to prescribe to their patients to use for what ever benefit they see fit (cancer, nausea, pain, spasm, depression or other mental illness, PTSD, etc.). Haven't heard ill effects from friends that smoke & all of them seem happy & healthy. There are drugs that the FDA has put on the market for consumers to take that are far more dangerous than smoking a little marijuana (& I can bet you they wouldn't let one of there own family members take some of those meds they have oked)!!!!! And marijuana a schedule 1 Most Dangerous medication? Come ON! Those other drugs the FDA oks & puts on the market should be schedule 1 with missiles on the package but instead they are targeting marijuana. Wonder which pharmaceutical company or companies are paying them?

  • Marijuana is safe;

    Marijuana is indeed safe. Chances of death after using Marijuana is at a whopping 0% if used correctly. Many people have been misinformed about this. I'll admit, it can be somewhat addictive. But barely at all compared to that of Cigarettes and Alcohol. Marijuana should not even be classified as a drug; It's just a plant found growing naturally in the wild. For hundreds of years, Marijuana has been used for countless beneficial purposes. There is recorded proof that the Native Americans used Marijuana as a calming medicine, which is perfectly appropriate, since marijuana relaxes the muscles and puts the mind in a calmer state. The whole 'Medical Marijuana' thing is also true. Marijuana has proven to fight cancerous cells, allowing it the name of a type of experimental "cure" for Cancer.

  • Medical Marijuana is proven to work.

    Search for the Harvard study. Medical Marijuana is real. CBD actively fights cancer cells. For many MS suffers it is the only effective medicine, for cancer patients who lack appetite and suffer from nausea, it is one of the best ways to take the edge off. Anyone who denies it's pain relieving effects has never tried it in that context.

  • Proscription Marijuana is okay

    Marijuana can help treat many things, and this is an undeniable medical fact. Anyone who still opposes medical marijuana is likely to be the same kind of person who is a creationist or denies global warming. The facts are clearly in marijuana's favor, and it should be recognized as the legitimate medicine it can be.

  • Marijuana helps me

    I have an extremely bad back, some days I dred waking up in the morning because i am just so stiff. But thanks to marijuana my back pain goes down, i feel 20x better than i did taking other pain medication and i know i cant overdose on it which gives me a better sense of relief

  • All marijuana is okay.

    Marijuana is helpful because it helps people calm down their nerves when stressed out and it helps me out a lot to when I have problems of my own and I would probably actually kill myself. Its better if its edible if you don't like smoking it I usually eat it.

  • No, marijuana is addictive.

    No, marijuana cannot help treat marijuana, because marijuana is an addictive drug. Marijuana is one of the addictions that is treated the most in the United States. In fact, it is treated not quite as much as alcohol addiction is. The only answer is to stay away from marijuana. It is not medicine. People just like to smoke it.

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