Medical marijuana dispensaries: Is marijuana harmless enough to be considered a medicine?

  • Weed is an herb not a manmade pharmaceutical

    Weed is not for everyone. But for some people it works well as a medicine. I think weed is safer than a lot of drugs but it depends on the person. I don't smoke pot or plan on doing so. But I do think some people benefit from daily use of medical MJ. If doctors can prescribe morphine to pain patients and amphetamine like drugs for ADD/ADHD then they should be able to prescribe weed as well. Marijuana is an herb. But so is Chinese herbal medicine. Weed should be treated with great caution whether its used medically or recreationally.

  • It is a harmless as cigarettes

    Yes, marijuana is harmless enough to be considered a form medicine. In reality some medicine, if you read the fine print and listen to all the side effects, are in no way harmless. I believe that marijuana is just as harmful as cigarettes, yet we sell and use cigarette freely.

  • Marijuana Is Harmless

    I believe the benefits and uses of marijuana and cannabis highly outweigh their harms. Not only is it safe to consider marijuana a medicine, it is also perfectly safe to legalize it for recreational use. This would in fact benefit the United States if it was regulated much like liquor is now.

  • Yes if used as medicine

    I do not see any issues with using marijuana as a medical drug. There are many prescription drugs with much more severe side effects than marijuana. I think with a prescription it can be used. I don't think though this should go further than this, I am opposed to recreational use.

  • Marijuana is harmless enough to be considered a medicine.

    Marijuana is not a dangerous drug and it should be used as a medicine when appropriate. Many states have already permitted marijuana as a medicine. The drug has many therapeutic properties that can treat vertigo, Cancer, and glaucoma. People should stop learn more about the benefits of marijuana and accept its benefits.

  • Yes, it is

    My days of marijuana use are long gone, would not resume if it was legalized, and I still think it should be. There's boatloads of examples of people with serious illnesses being helped by this plant, the dangers of it are all either greatly exaggerated or literally do not exist.

  • Yes, marijuana is safe enough to be a medicine

    Actually, marijuana is safer than many over the counter prescription drugs - and some nonprescription drugs. And marijuana is also safe enough to be used recreationaly. Actually, the safety of pot should not be a factor in whether it should be available to people. Its use should be at the discretion of the individual.

  • Marijuana Not Medicine

    Marijuana is a hallucinogenic drug rather than a medicine. With that in mind, we shouldn't allow medical marijuana dispensaries to operate in this country. Medical marijuana has limited uses, and only pepole with the most severe diseases should be allowed to smoke weed. Otherwise, this drug needs to be banished.

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