Medical marijuana dispensaries: Is marijuana valuable in treating illnesses?

  • Yes it is

    Medical marijuana has been proven in many cases that it helps treat illnesses. Some doctors even prescribe their patients to try it and most of the time it works. It is also beneficial for other reasons. Cancer patients are so hooked on other medication that they beg to be put on medical marijuana it helps them so much.

  • Yes it Is

    Medical marijuana is valuable in treating many illnesses. As just one of many examples, marijuana can treat symptoms of glaucoma. Also, marijuana is widely known as a pain reliever. In addition, for patients using chemotherapy to treat cancer, marijuana is one of the only ways for those patients to have any appetite.

  • Yes, medical marijuana is very helpful for pain.

    From what I understand, marijuana used medically is very soothing when cancer patients are in pain. It is probably beneficial for other conditions also. I believe that many natural substances have curative abilities or at least the ability to relieve discomfort, which is why I believe that marijuana should be available to those who are seriously ill and need relief.

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