Medical marijuana dispensaries: Is medical marijuana likely to result in abuse and further drug-use?

  • Medical marijuana is likely to result in abuse and further drug-use.

    It is well known that marijuana is a gateway drug. Using marijuana, even for medical purposes, can lead people into the habit of experimenting with harder drugs. The government should take a hard line on drugs and should not legalize medicinal marijuana. It is important to keep our communities safe by keeping them drug free.

  • Medical Marijuana is Abused

    Unfortunately, many people abuse medical marijuana and don't necessarily deserve a medical marijuana card. Our system isn't regulated well enough and isn't even endorsed or approved by the federal government. With that in mind, we need to strictly regulate medical marijuana. The current system isn't working the way it was intended to work.

  • Yes it is.

    Medical pot is likely to result in the abuse and further drug use. It will probably not increase the drug use of the much harsher drugs like meth and cocaine, it will for certain increase the usage of pot for non medical purposes, This can be fixed by a better screening process.

  • This is not causation, it is correlation.

    There already are many people who use marijuana strictly medicinally, and have no intention of ever using it or any other drug recreationally.
    There are also plenty of people who use marijuana for recreational purposes but have no intentions of trying any other drugs,
    Medical marijuana is a medicine, just as any other drug is. People will abuse it and any other drugs just the same whether it's used medicinally or not.

  • No, lots already are using.

    Medical marijuana dispensaries probably should be requiring a lot of proof to get the weed, but a lot of people are getting it anyway and it is not really a problem if they get it at a regulated place where everything is a lot safer. I imagine people will be coming up with all sorts of ailments that doctors will prescribe for.

  • It Will Be More Popular For Awhile

    I do not believe medical marijuana will result in abuse or more drug-use, overall. I believe there will always be addicts and people who develop problems with drugs, that will never leave our society, no matter how much we fight it. I do not think medical marijuana will make the problem worse, the same people who are susceptible to addiction will be with or with medical marijuana. I think far more people will be open to trying it, but I believe the majority of population only wants to smoke it occasionally.

  • This will not lead to further abuse.

    The introduction and legalization of medicinal marijuana will not increase the statistics of abuse and recreational drug-use. The sad truth is that abuse and recreational drug-use has always been prevalent prior to the legalization of marijuana. However, since its legalization has rocketed marijuana-related stories to all news mediums, the increased coverage of such cases will imply a rise in abuse. However this is not the case.

  • Medical marijuana can be used to support treatment programs

    Medical marijuana, by supporting partial marijuana decriminalization, can help people with drug problems get treatment. Our current policies of criminalizing use only hurt our society; people who have drug problems should be given effective treatment, not jail terms. Medical marijuana can be used to increase tax revenue, and this tax revenue can be used to fund treatment and counseling centers. For this reason, medical marijuana might in fact reduce harmful drug use.

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