Medical marijuana: Will medical marijuana be legal in the majority of the world by 2030?

  • It should it helps A LOT

    I'm 14. I bet your like oh my god he's 14 and smokes. I do it for a good reason. I do it because it keeps me from getting in fights with my parents. I know a lot of vets that think that we should legalize it. I mean their should be restrictions on driving while high. I have severe AD/HD It helps me in class. Don't get me wrong the day after it's like a hangover. I don't want to be around anybody unless we're talking blunts. Afterwards I'm the funniest, coolest, happiest person you can meet. Ask any person we will always have different views on it. The reason it is Illegal is because the outcasts did it in the 60s and 70s, And plus it came up during the big smoke conspiracy theory which was true. But look at how many stoners you see in the hospital with cancer compared to regular tobacco smokers. A whole lot less.

  • Yes. It SHOULD be.

    With legalization comes normalization. Not only will Marijuana Medication benefit the health department, but also the teenagers of society who are peer pressured to smoke some in order to look cool. The motto of today's generation is "We out here doing bad shits, nigga." Surely, when it has been normalized, teenagers will no longer be enticed to smoke marijuana as a vice.

  • Yes, i agree.

    This is very true. I strongly believe that Medical Marijuana will be legal in the majority of the world by 2030. This is because most of the countries will influence one another hence making this possible. We all know the benefits of medical marijuana and how it has been used on the cancer patients and those with seizures.

  • Yes, medical marijuana will be legal in most of the world by 2030.

    Yes, medical marijuana will be legal in most of the world by 2030. Once large movements gain traction in the United States and other liberal, industrialized nations, it is only a matter of time before they spread to other parts of the world. This is especially true if these movements are based in science.

  • Medical marijuana will be legal by 2030

    With marijuana's known health benefits, there is not reason medical marijuana should not be legalized by 2030, and as the years go by, more people will begin to realize that which will result in nationwide legalization. Many states have already legalized medical and even recreational use of marijuana and I think the rest of the country is soon to follow.

  • It will go beyond 2030 until it is legal

    Some people may know the fact of the benefit of medical marijuana but to make it legal worldwide I think it's still a long way to go. Small countries or even poor countries may have difficulties to do research on the benefit of medical marijuana. Unless big countries tend to care more about this issue to the world then the legalized marijuana as medicine will go beyond 2030

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