Medicare: Is Medicare legitimate (yes) or should it be abolished (no)?

  • Yes, Medicare is legitimate.

    I believe that Medicare is legitimate and should not be abolished. The program is so crucial for older people and people with disabilities. How would these people get health care if Medicare did not exist? It would be a disaster. The program might need some overhaul but totally getting rid of it would be a huge mistake.

  • No, Medicare is no ligitimate

    When I first looked at a chart that showed where our tax federal tax money was going, I was surprised by the the amount of money 25% (851 billion) that was spent on medicaid and medicare. While I think that discounted or even free medical care for low income families is good, that is not where most of this 851 billion is going, a large percent of this money is being spent on, what I like to call, the old person syndrome. Medicare gives free medical care and assistance to those over age 65, and when it was put into effect in the 1860s most of those 65+ group was already dead or was on its way to a quick timely demise. Now, in the 21st century we have the technology and the cushy lifestyle to allow average men and women to live well into their eighties and nineties. This presents medicare with a problem, do they support eighty and ninety year olds, hooking themselves up to expensive machines so they can live another few years in a bed with food and water being pumped directly into their blood. Or do they stop supporting these walking shells and save billions of taxpayers dollars. It is my opinion that we as taxpayers and human beings should no longer pour billions into people that would be spending the rest of their life in bed with oxygen being pumped through their lungs and nutrition being pumped into their veins. I propose that the government should only help pay for treatments when the patient has a viable chance of recovery.

  • No, Medicare Is Not Legitimate

    Medicare oversteps the bounds established for the authority of the central state is the USA. It short circuits the private market for medical services to the elderly, it burdens younger people for insufficient reimbursement for treating the care, and it steals for every working person that has taxes removed from their paychecks - by law.

  • Medicare is medicrap!

    Medicare should be abolished, It is unconstitutional to force anyone at any age on insurance they don't want! We watch as they take it out of every pay check then force us to take it at a certain age! Doesnt cover much so u have to buy a supplemental insurance then watch them take money out of your S. S checks! Medicare is a scam!

  • Its the back bone for our ill and elderly

    And how does the government expect all these young mothers to attend their prenatal appointments? The government offers up money, convincing our society its a good thing to increase our family size, even offering money as an incentive and now you want to leave them in the lurch when they and their children will need the government help most. Our government disgust me.

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