Meet Tomatan, a wearable robot that feeds you tomatoes as you run: Should we be using robot technology for more everyday uses?

  • Robot technology makes everyday tasks easier to manage

    People should not eat on the run! We know robots are used for medical procedures such as microsurgery. Yet, robots should be stationed in homes and workplaces for mundane tasks such as cleaning and vacuuming for everyone., Robots could also be a new form of technology - a moving computer centre on wheels. There are many possibilities with robots. They are intelligent and they communicate in different ways - even verbally. Tomatan could be your new best friend.

  • We should be using robot technology far more than we do.

    We should be using robot technology far more than we do. Robot technology takes out the element of human error and would most certainly make things safer for the consumer. Furthermore, robot technology will cause costs of everyday products to be reduced because there is no need to pay human labor costs.

  • It is more work to set up the robot than to just do the chore.

    Robots are still too much in their infancy to be regarded as practical home use devices. As an example, look at the computer. Yes, computer usage has grown by leaps and bounds, but in the end it is still only as good as it's programmer and user. It is the same with robots, they are growing in usability, but technology hasn't grown enough to the point where we can rely on them in any situation.

  • Human Race Losing Ability to Do Things for Themselves

    There is no denying that robot technology is impressive and revolutionary. In the fields of industry and medicine, it is increasing productivity and saving lives. I do not believe, however, that robot technology is needed in the Average Joe's day-to-day life. The human race has survived thousands of years without robots feeding them tomatoes and tying their shoes. People should be focusing more on staying active in their everyday life than on having a robot complete their chores for them, thus eliminating the need to ever get up from their sofa. Robots have a time and a place, at home is not one of them.

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