Mellisia Benoit files for divorce. Are we too concerned with celebrities private lives?

  • As a society we have become obsessed with celebrities.

    As a whole society has become obsessed with celebrities to the point that it has become a billion dollar industry. The media along with paparazzi try to constantly come up with the latest stories to draw in viewers, likes, or what have you. If a celebrity is getting married, having a baby, getting divorced, needs rehab, got arrested, or was caught without makeup the whole world can know about it. Celebrities have no privacy. Yes, they realized that they would be in the spotlight when they signed on to try to be famous, but to have every single little part of their lives under public scrutiny is taking it a little too far, especially when the media glosses over major issues going on in the world and in the government but give all the details relating to everything a certain celebrity and her equally famous significant other are doing.

  • Yes, the private lives of celebrities take too much of our attention.

    Yes, I believe we are too concerned with the private lives of celebrities. It is my belief that we should be concerned with the well being of our friends, family, and neighbors, and less concerned with those in the spotlight, especially because factual information is not guaranteed by the media. I feel many people spend time obsessing over the lives of celebrities in hopes of distracting themselves from their own misfortunes.

  • Celebrity news is irrelavant to normal life.

    Who really cares about what Mellisia Benoit does in her private life anyway? Normal people with real normal lives do not have time to be concerned about such trivial things. We have enough problems in our lives for which hearing about someone else's problems do not need to be just another negative burden for which to be concerned.

  • It's not our business

    I have never understood the obsession with the private lives of celebrities. Every time the news is flooded with stories of who Taylor Swift's new boyfriend is, and the sordid details of her last breakup, I just find myself baffled at why I need to know these 'facts'. Some people need to take a long look in the mirror and realise what is actually important.

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