Men actually have harder lives than women now. Do they? And how? Discuss.

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  • I think they do.

    I think however they always have. Men have always had the burden of caring physically and financially for Women and children with their time, their effort, their money, and sometimes their lives.

    Now though, the political nature has mostly stripped men of what they are, Men my nature tend to identify as Doers, that means they're a culmination of skills. Skillset and interests are the main things men use to identify. Rarely will you hear men say "I'm a man" They'll identify with an interest or a job. So when men's identification is mostly useless, Men stop identifying and end up largely lost, all men have left is a gender. But that gender is expendable. It always has been. Men like to feel useful, because it justifies their existence, they don't have inherent use. Women do. Thousands of men die to protect the elderly. The women, and the children. This has been a mantle men take up voluntarily Some women do too, but let's not kid ourselves, There aren't women beating down the door to be frontliners. There's some light knocking at best.

    Women have hardship because they're protected. Prized possessions. That's wrong, I agree in the same way it's wrong to put a macaw is a cage, but they are intentionally, throughout history put to safety, usually at the expense of the males own. They're put there for safety, and deny them undue hardship.

    Men's role hasn't changed much, they're still expected to court, to sacrifice, to provide, and to put women first. However, women's role has changed considerably, but their expectations remain the same, despite their much greater ability to accomplish on their own whet they expect men to do.

    Men are opting out of female relationships and marriage because divorce is so one sided, and men are primarily denied access to the children and still pay the most alimony by a huge margin.

    Men's lives are difficult, and I would suggest, due to the way laws and society works, men are expected to do more than women, and are still expected to sacrifice more than women, and thanks to quotas and legislative demanded bias, men can find it harder than ever to be successful and happy with that success.

    There's no doubt in my mind Men do not have a fair deal, It is considerably easier to ruin a man's life than it is a woman's, Men can be ruined with an accusation, it doesn't even have to be true.

    Harder is subjective, but I think men have to overcome and deny more happiness to get what they want, than women. I think this is evident in that women are steadily becoming less and less happy as more and more move into the workforce and other spaces that were, some time ago, mainly held by men.

  • Personally, I think they do.

    People tend to debate about the hardships women go through but rarely do people talk about men going through any. If anything, they're constantly told to man up, don't be a pussy and grow a pair. In turn, it's hard for men to express their emotions, much less their affections, especially towards a family member so they end up bottling up their emotions, and yet when they do express themselves, they become weak, vulnerable and easier to step on because of their discovered weakness. Kids and adults even prefer to spend time with their mother compared to their father, especially once the kid has gone off to college. Guys can't even be natural anymore, nowadays. People expect men to do most things and when they don't want to, all of a sudden, they are losers.

  • Nope! Here's why

    Before people come over to comment and either A. Shove their opinions down others' throats or B. Try to prove them wrong, I'd like to explain why I don't think so. Boys and girls have problems. Every gender is raped and ridiculed. Some just do not show it. My first point is periods. The thing that every girl dreads. The thing that brings the nausea, crushing headache, and don't even get me started on the cramps. Some men say, "It's only once a month." While that's true, we deal with this for 7 days and sometimes longer. The side effects are terrible! When you don't have your period, that means pregnancy (sometimes, but that's another story). I'm not going to lie, I've never been pregnant but I know it's hard and must be painful. My mom couldn't pass kids through, so she had my brother and I through a C-Section. She still has a scar. When the child is born, it's a lot of work. Yes, the male helps as well, that is, if the male does not leave the mother. However, some children are breastfed. A mother could be out shopping with her baby and the baby needs to be fed. If that child is breastfed, she needs to feed the baby. Society has made this seem gross and unsightly. (And yes, I know both genders ridicule). Then, when you are older, menopause happens. Life for both gender is a challenge, that's for sure! However life for women is more of a struggle, but not by much. It's not harder for either one, but that was not an option.

  • Are u kidding me?

    Women have much harder lives then men someone please enlighten me why men have it harder men get paid more than women in the SAME JOB! Men say they have o deal with being called a girl if they cry do I know how sexist and stereotypical that is?!?! Try being a girl oh you're good for a girl this world is unfair

  • Men do NOT have harder lives than women.

    Yes, men work. Yes, men make the money needed for running the household. Women can do that too. Last time I checked, I haven't seen a man sitting at a desk working through his finances to pay the bills. That's a woman's job. So while the man gets to go and do his job, that he gets paid for, understands, and actually LIKES, women get to sit around and do confusing bills so that the MAN can have a roof over his head. Also, women have this thing that goes on, once a month. And before anyone starts groaning, "oh, don't play the P card...", I don't see any men laying around complaining about their THROBBING uterus (which women can feel when that happens), headaches, body pain, and the fact that they can't SLEEP because they couldn't find a comfortable way to lay. Women carry the man's baby. Last time I checked, the birthing of this baby is extremely painful, and I've heard someone describe it as basically squeezing a watermelon out of your anus. Then, if the woman decides she's going to breastfeed her baby, she has to deal with a baby sucking and nibbling at her breasts for hours at a time. Then, this goes on for MONTHS. Think about that next time you say men have it harder than women. Yes, men have to work, and go through sooo many hardships (if you can't tell, that's sarcasm...) but no one fully thinks about what women go through every DAY.

  • Of course not

    Men and women have equal opportunity to live life as they please. Both can take on equal responsibility and equal hardship. Personally, I know single men who work part time jobs as well as a mother of four teenagers who works an around the clock job at google whose time is struggled between long hours at work and raising her children which is really a full time job as well. The same goes vice versa, I do know men whose lives are particularly hard. However, such a blanket statement is discriminating and demeaning life is what you make of it and gender does not influence hardship whatsoever.

  • My gender controls the world, literally.

    Please know that I am not exaggerating when I say that the vast majority of nations are run by men, the top economic organizations are again, run by men. Healthcare related to my gender is not under constant attack, and in the case of viagra, is still federally funded, and uncontroversial. While society has some expectations of what I should be like, that pales in comparison to political groups such as RedState who publicly argue that women should always be submissive to their husbands. Almost, correction, Every job is open to me in the vast majority of western nations. Most the positions of power in the 3 Abrahamic religions are exclusively open to my gender. While most western nations have stopped federal discrimination there still exists societal bias and private discrimination.

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