Men and women who are more wise and intelligent?

Asked by: Arayviour
  • Men are wise

    What men exceeds women in terms of wisdom and intelligence is that women are much emotional than men simply because when something happens they are afraid to decide for themselves. A woman is not wise when she seduces a man because men have a very unique way of seducing women.

  • Despite Differences, They Are Very Equal.

    I think that although men and women each have their corresponding strengths and weakness, I think that they are both overall of similar wisdom and overall intelligence. Anyone who says differently is probably subject to only personal experience and haven't seen men/woman as a whole. In all honesty, it is comparing apples to oranges, this poll is.

  • Neither are more wise/intelligent.

    Men and women simply differ. First, men usually have greater variability in various attributes, including intelligence - that means more prodigies, more idiots, as it's said. There are more men in the two extremes of the bell curve, and more women in the middle.

    Secondly, men and women are good at different things. For example, in mathematics, women are good at mathematical calculation but men are better at problem-solving. That doesn't men are better than women or vice versa. They're simply good at doing different things.

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