Men are better than women in making a peaceful nation

  • Women at better than men in making a peaceful nation

    Am opposing I think men are better because men are fearless and smart in Nigeria today you can't see a woman as president because a woman will never want to get her hands dirty women are emotional where men are taking a woman can't talk women are weak please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Women are walking cold wars

    Put a group of men together and they will work as a group and be friends quick. Put a group of women and they will devolve into tribes that slander and hate each other.
    Men will outright be clear while women are very devious and like to lie. I would like a women in charge but she is to devious and cannot get along with others. Girls are too pety and know that they are because they do not other girls

  • Men and Women can both be good at something

    It shouldn't matter the gender of the person if they're trying to make a peaceful nation, Both genders can achieve this, But throughout history women have not been given the opportunity to do so.
    Both men and women can be emotional, But emotion can be the difference between a great nation and a terrible one, I'd rather have a person with emotions lead than a sociopath who has no emotions.
    Also I have seen entire groups of men fight and attack each other physically over nothing accept a rumor, I have also seen entire rooms full of women become friends over a common interest that develops into a stronger friendship.

  • Woman can be an excellent leader.

    Fine. Say there are more male leaders than the females. What's the cause? Isn't it all began with sexism? That only men are allowed to lead? That Men will be better than Women?

    Let me give you Examples of female figures whom changed the world.
    - Cleopatra
    - Queen Isabella I of Castile
    - Boudicca
    - Catherine the Great
    - Margaret Fuller
    - Queen Victoria
    - Clara Barton
    et cetera

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