Men are credulous animals. In the absence of good grounds for belief, they will be satisfied with bad ones

Asked by: steffon66
  • I have heard nothing but bad reasons to believe in god and religion.

    People say because the earth has the perfect conditions for life there has to be a god while there are trillions of planets that we know about and one of them was bound to be perfect for life. This argument only works if there is only one planet and even then other planets would be theoretical. People say that because we have morals there has to be a god. But everybodies morals contradict each other. Morals are rules plain and simple. Morals are no more impressive than rules for games and infact id say they are less significant as they are not hardly ever fair or good because emotions are involved and instead of thinking to come up with these rules people blindly accept them and their feelings adapt to them. How are flawed morals evidence of a perfect god? Thats stupid. We build rockets that get us to the moon and people dont say nothin about that but we come up with a few rules and there has to be a god? Its stupidity. The evidence is inconclusive. People need to stop blindly following anyone who will lead them.

  • I support Steffon66's conclusion.

    I support his conclusion. Because God did not create rockets, nor nuclear bombs, or anything that would keep us entertained. People only believe in god because they are afraid about where they go when they die. Then they tell theirs children, filling lies so much that they believe it. I don't.

  • Humans have developed a conscience

    Growing up as a very young child I still had the instinct to recognize what was wrong or right. What looked like it would upset someone or not. I believe humans, like dogs cats and other domesticated animals have learnt compassion, working together, and above all a conscience. This allows for other emotions like sadness, love, happiness to occur. In the end, I believe our brain has evolved it as a survival tool over the thousands of years of evolution

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