• There annoying and don't listen to you

    They can only listen to woman for 6 minutes before switching off. There lazy. You always have to repeat everything for them. They have weird hair styles. C'mon woman we have to make a change now stand up for your writes to not be annoyed and ignored by man kind.

  • Both are equally simple/complicated

    I put this in yes section for sake of making votes more even, Essentially this is a perspective based question. People can be seen as easy or hard, The more knowledge you have of men or women shows their relative ease of understanding or lack thereof. Basically this shows that people either don't understand men/women well, Or their perspective is just that one seems more complicated/simple than the other.

  • I said yes just to even it out

    But I find everybody, Especially millennials pretty fuckin simple these days. All people want to do is bitch about everything, Demand everything for free, And want only materialistic things. Then go on social media and talk about "I'm such a grateful, Good, Kind, Caring person. " and "be happy for what you have". Average person in a nutshell.

  • Women have no souls

    Fuck this debate we all know women are more complicated. They get their rights and then want to destroy all of man. Women have holes and men do not, Men do not say something and mean another, Men do not say no and mean yes! Fuck women Hail Hydra! Jesus Christ our holy savior! Red skull our GOD!

  • No they are not.

    This is a hard question to answer because there has to be a distinction made between the social sphere and otherwise. If you are talking about men outside the social sphere, Then yes, I would agree that they are more complicated. Men have to develop themselves more in order to take responsibility, Have goals, And to get female attention.

    However, I get the impression that the debater was talking about men in the social sphere. With this, I disagree. Men are much more simple than females socially. They tend to be more independent and rely less on herd mentality. Men are usually more direct than females. With females, You are always dealing with a certain level of obfuscation due to their heavier reliance on cultural norms and how others view them.

  • Men are not more complicated than woman.

    This is because it should not be about gender, It should be about people. If the argument was "there are more complicated people than others" then i would happily agree, But since you made this about gender, Then i can't agree with you. It depends on the person. Also it sounds like theuglypeps is going through a rough time at the moment as it sounds like they are speaking from experience.

  • The topic asked if Men were more complicated then women.

    They are not. You said mean listen for just 6 minutes before switching off. You fill there head with to much confusing information and they just can not handle it. There for they are far less complicated and much more simple. And it's stand up for your rights not "writes"

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