• Gender should not be an issue in self defense.

    If you hit me expect to get hit back. I don't care if you are a women, a priest, the president, or a friend. If it's uncalled for you should be hit. Some women take advantage of men, thinking that they men won't hit back, and when they do they get pissed.

    Posted by: AFO
  • It doesn't matter what gender my attacker is.

    It makes no difference if you're a 300-pound guy or a 120-pound girl. If you have the nerve to attack me or physically abuse me in any way, then this whole feminist fucking bullshit about "men shouldn't hit women even in self defense" goes out the fucking window. If you hit me then I don't give half a fuck what gender you are; I WILL defend myself, and if my life is in danger and you try to kill me, I WON'T hold back.

  • Yes!! 100% yes

    I am a female and if someone my gender where to hit a guy out of no where, of course they should hit her back! I really hate people saying "im a girl you cant hit me back" or if a guy hits a girl back he's considered a woman beater just because of self defense, BUT if a male hits girls because of something they say, that's where the woman beater phrase should come in.

  • Women and men should both use self defence.

    No body should really be hitting anybody to be honest, but if there was a situation where a woman had hit a man I believe that the man is entitled to self defence and should be allowed to use it. Men are physically abused by women and vice versa, so if there was a fight between a man and a woman then they both should use self defence. But bear in mind, that men are built to be stronger than women so use the appropriate amount of force (this goes for women too!)

  • There doesn't even need to be an attack to defend oneself.

    A person pulling a gun or knife on you comes quickly and unexpectedly. To wait for an attack before defending yourself is foolish and the same goes with when defending yourself from women. Threats and provocation should not be taken lightly. If you a woman is sizing up a man and letting provocation and threats flow out your mouth he has all the right to strike you preemptively. Keep your actions under control women.

  • Self Defense Needed

    If a woman comes at or hits a man for no reason, then yes the man can fight back. It does not matter who you are you can fight back, it does not matter what gender your attacker is. We are not aloud to hit my brother that is fair.

  • If a girl comes at you with a knife would you just let her?

    If a women trys to hurt you with something dangerous you should be able to defend yourself and not just let the women hurt you. Like for say, if a girl comes at you with like a knife would you just let her stab you? A man should always be able to defend himself incase of an emergency.

  • Anyone can hit anyone in self defense.

    If someone is really getting assaulted by someone regardless of gender they should have the right to retaliate in self defense without judgment. For example if a girl and a guy gets into an argument and either of them make the situation physical then I believe the other can attack in self defense if they cannot restrain the other.

  • If the occasion deems it necessary.

    Of course, striking another in defence should be a last, or close to last, resort. If no other method can be considered effective, then yes I certainly agree that someone should be able to strike another purely in self defence. However, this goes for either party, and my answer does relate only to situations where one hitting the other can be deemed self defence, and not to satisfy the victim.

  • If you're being attacked,

    Are you really going to take the time to weigh your morals? I don't care who's hitting me--man, woman, or child is getting a few punches in return and then I'm out. I don't need to be around that kind of violence. Granted, I happen to be a woman, but it's the same principle. If you're in danger, it's a natural instinct to fight back and get away.

  • Really it depends..

    Abuse to women is increasing and no offense men but you lose your temper a lot easier than women do. Women are better with social problems and figuring things out instead of bashing people up. Women would usually fight for a decent reason. Not for the sake of fighting. Like if her husband was going to kill their daughter.

    Men react in the wrong way. If the man was being hurt they should call the police not retaliate, otherwise they are both in the wrong.

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-04-20T09:37:13.487
If the woman is a black belt then sure. If not, I don't see how this is justified.
Vox_Veritas says2015-04-20T12:20:53.173
I don't see why this topic keeps coming up, and mainly in the Opinion Section.
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-04-20T12:26:26.733
There are many infinitely recurring topics on DDO LOL.