Men have done every terrible thing you could imagine and more in accordance with "just" rules

Asked by: steffon66
  • Slavery was considered to be fair all throughout history

    Every evil you could imagine has been done to slaves and people thought it was better than what they deserved and today everyone is considered to be equal to one another and we dont even think criminals deserve these evils. So our moralities are very fickle and we admit fault in the past only to do the same thing again putting our trust in our leaders new ideas of justice fairness etc. their opinions on morality are subjective and without premise. The people who make up the judicial system dont know right from wrong themselves and they are hypocrites because they are flawed too. And if we are all imperfect then whos to say how imperfect you can be before you deserve punishment? They hurt people all the time but if we hurt someone for good reason we are bad. They take people to prison over drugs which dont hurt anyone. If we have free will then the drug can only cause us to want to do something bad but cant actually make us do it. So when you punish criminals because SOME of them hurt others for their drug your punishing people for crimes they have not committed yet.

  • Feminism Would Say Yes

    The problem with society is we have a bunch of tumblr feminists walking around saying that men are to blame for all of the wrongs in the world, when in reality, they want to compensate for their own shortcomings. I hope nobody says yes to this question, unless they are willing to say the same about women

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