Men have easier lives than women: Do men generally earn more than women?

  • Statistical Fact of American Existence

    Men make 20-30 percent more money than women in the same position in America. This is a bona fide fact of life in the United States. It's not fair as women deserve the same thing as men. There are more male CEOs than female, although that is slowly changing. Men are in more leadership positions in companies than women. I think men and women should flop roles--men should be secretaries and women should be CEOs and let's see what happens.

  • Depends on the profession

    i think this question really depends on the profession. Ask yourself these questions: Who makes more, teachers or principals? Nurses or the Doctors? Receptionist or Office Manager? At the same time, women can get into a profession that does not require a certain gender, such as management, technology, politics, etc.

  • Statistics show that men still earn more than women on average.

    Statistics show that men earn about 20% more on average than women. Men also tend to receive higher raises than women and are promoted for quickly as well. The traditional mindset has been that men had to support families. But many families now depend equally upon two incomes and some are led by single parents, which makes gender income disparages unfair and unnecessary.

  • Men generally earn more than women.

    Men generally earn more than women. Depending on the field of work that they are in there are still some more getting paid more for the same role that a woman does. As the years pass, this amount of difference is changing and getting smaller and smaller. I think one day we will have an equal paying system.

  • Yes, men usually earn more than women.

    Naturally, there are some reasons why that might happen. Women are more likely to take time off during their careers for home and child care, which lowers their incomes over their lives. However, there is still often that "glass ceiling" beyond which they can not progress at the same rate as men or do not receive the same pay if they do.

  • Men Generally Earn More Than Women

    Yes, men earn more than women in most equivalent jobs. In the past decade or so, with the change of the economy, more and more men were laid off from high-paying jobs in favor of hiring women for less money for the same jobs. There is no equity between the jobs, and women tend to be criticized for their work production despite being paid less. Many women are supporting their families as head-of-household in the current American economy, with dads at home raising children. While this shift in sociology has been generally more accepted by people, women are still underpaid for doing equivalent work and are expected to support their families on less pay.

  • There Is Still An Income Gap

    I believe there is still an income gap between the genders, but I believe it is far closer now, than it has been in the past. I think upward mobility is almost impossible now a days, anyway, but I feel as though males are more likely to climb the ladder.

  • No not a chance.

    No. Men don't have easier lives. Most poor and homeless people are men. By a very large percentage. Women have an easyer time finding people who they can date even when they don't have work. Women are not enlisted. Women have less jail time. Women have insane privileges that men don't. Ugly men are called creepy. Ugly women are told that body shaming is wrong. Women use men as wallet. Women can lie about being raped and never be challenged. Men can be raped and are told that only women can be raped.

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