Men have easier lives than women: Do men have it easier?

  • Yes, they do have easier lives.

    I think men are judged less harshly for their actions and lifestyle while women are judged more harshly. For decades, men had an easier time divorcing than women.  They have always been able to vote, run for office, and own property. Men never have to make decisions about  giving up jobs to care for children.  Double standards are still rampant between men and women. 

  • A little, but this too might change.

    1. Biological advantages (physically stronger; Don't have to give birth or menopause)
    2. Easier to find a spouse even at an older age
    3. Economic advantage (mostly in Asia. Males inherit more)
    4. Less male rape compared to female
    5. Statistically the top professionals are still mostly men

    and then basically the same moral obligations and responsibilities.

  • Yes they do

    I think as a general answer, men do have it easier than women. I think that this question is answered differently depending on the individual, but overall I think that men have it easier. Although gender equality is becoming more equal, in the past men have had all the rights. Women have traditionally been treated like second class citizens and it will take years for the effects to go away.

  • Men Don't Give Birth

    Men don't give birth, nor do they have to deal with a nine-month pregnancy. I'd rather work my entire life at a factory job than put up with another life form growing in my womb while giving a very painful birth nine months later. Men also have an easier time with not taking responsibility for their actions when they get their girlfriends/wives pregnant before abandoning them due to a lack of wanting children.

  • Men have way easier lives.

    Wonen have it way harder than males. The women of the house have to wake up very early wake up the kids make breakfast and go to work. Where as guys just have to go to work.

    Also, females have their period every month, and are the ones that have to carry the baby if a guy gets her pregnant.

    Consequences are very different for male or females. When a guy does something wrong people usually say " he is only a guy" where ad when it is a girl they are judged harshly. Also when a male and female sleep with each other the female has to worry if she is getting pregnant.

  • Women Have Much Harder Lives

    Boys only need some clothes, a shower, and lotion and deodorant. Girls need deodorant, a shower, shoes, clothing, make up, hair supply, and have way more things to deal with, like waking up the kids for school, making breakfast, finding the perfect outfit for the day, and getting to the kids school on time

  • Men Definitely have it easier. Being a woman is hard.

    Challenges Men Face:
    -Can't show emotions
    -Have to work hard to provide for themselves & others

    Challenges Women Face
    - Painful Monthly Periods
    -Deterioration of Physical Strength & high discomfort caused by Pregnancy
    -Child-birth- pains, after-effects, etc.
    -Lion's share of responsibility in raising children
    - Having to choose between work & caring for children
    -Harder to get a decent guy once you start ageing
    -Harder to have kids once you start ageing
    The biological clock is ticking- Men simply don't understand the magnitude of this struggle. The struggle is real.
    -Relentless pressure to look young, beautiful & 'desirable'. More pain EVERY MONTH- waxing, tweezing, treatments- This is not FREE, we do pay for it with money & pain endurance.
    -Feeling powerless, weak & at risk in dangerous situations, around dangerous men- always have to watch our back
    - Have to face the double standards of society- the slut vs stud. Different labels for the same actions by women & Men
    - Oxytocin makes it harder to have casual sex cause it causes emotional attachment whereas men can do it purely for pleasure
    - In some countries Women are not allowed to drive!!!
    -In some countries women are considered 'a burden' and their parents have to pay dowry to husband during marriage.
    How do Men feel about being labelled as a burden?
    - Have to change our last name after marriage
    Do men deal with losing their identity from marriage? Nope.
    - Have to deal with constant objectification- the 10 point scale & other B.S
    - Harder to face divorce
    - More compromise in a relationship because Men have huge egos but we love them so do it anyway
    - Its standard for men to work, have a wife, family, hobbies etc.
    When a women tries to do the same, she's trying to 'have it all.'

  • Men experience less pain in life

    With all else equal, if you have the same person, except of different sex there would be very obvious biological differences and social pressures. As a woman, the person would have to deal with a monthly period -smile, look beautiful and under control even when experiencing tremendous pain. People get written up to go home when they have stomach aches - but periods? No. You just got to be strong and take it like a woman. Every month. You need to worry about pregnancy, birth and post-birth occurences. Prolapse, third degree tears, debilitating nausea. You literally put your life on the line and sacrifice to create life. A man? All he contributes is sperm. An orgasm. I can't even describe the difference. It's like it's even fun for men to produce babies cus they get an orgasm out of it whereas women have to torture themselves just to get it out. To feed it. Have post partum depression. Bleeding breasts. It really is a battlefield for women and a walk in the park for men. Women have to deal more with painful intercourse - in a world that put's male sexual satisfaction above women's comfort. A world where men are taught to dominate and "fuck" instead of make love. The whole mechanics is harder for women. Men, can you imagine having a cylindrical object placed up your anus? Can you imagine how much of a vulnerable position that leads you to be? A position to be in pain and lack control. Women, though, more loving and kinder and with higher empathy and who are the ones who biologically sacrifice more for reproduct- are the ones who suffer. Women are smaller and have to deal with the subconcious worries about being dominated by a man. Imagine a world where you are told that a man's desire to bed you is sometimes greater than his desire to see you as a person with feelings? From a social perspective, look around you. A beautiful woman is a dime a dozen. It's amazing that not only are women the nurturers of life biologically but they are also the "peacocks" of humanity. They are the ones that have to put more effort in their physical appearance - waxing, make up, uncomfortable clothing etc. All that is a pain. Imagine waxing your whole body? I feel like most men wouldn't be able to handle it because they are biologically speaking not used to as much pain and socially catered to in every turn.

  • Men's life is not vulnerable ,neither physically nor emotionally

    Men do have is easier than women...Coz women are burdened with all of those responsibilities in her life...She is that aspect of life where she is judged inside n out both.....Her acceptance or approval is decided by the critical world...Its not only about her physical appearance but also by the way her soul or her mind is...She didnt have it easier at all.. She rocks the world at home,or at any work site..She is a wonder...

  • Men have it easier than girls do

    Girls have life way harder than boys. The song ''if I were a boy" is so true. Boys think that all we are is a ball of gossip and drama... But were not! We are insecure about everything and boys roll out of bed, put on what they want and go.

  • No way possible.

    Anyone that's been around knows women can get away with anything. Men have to be careful cause if women say anything about anything who is anyone going to believe. The Woman weather true or not. If a woman wants something there going to get it. The world favors woman over a guy any day.

  • I disagree with the claim that men have easier lives than women.

    I disagree with the claim that men have easier lives than
    women. Women actually have much easier
    lives than men. Women are so bored that
    they make their easy lives complicated and then claim that their lives are
    hard. When women want something, they
    can just sleep with a rich man to get it, but when a man wants something, he
    has to work for it.

  • Each Gender Has Challenges

    I do believe men have it easier than women. I believe each sex meets different challenges and life, making a fairly level playing field. I think men and women complete goals and beat life's challenges in different ways, but overall both genders face about the same amount of challenges, meaning they have equally challenging lives.

  • Men have it harder in this world.

    Men are physically stronger and more mentally coordinated, Which is why most of the responsibility and hard work falls on their shoulders. But if you look at all of the jobs that make civilization possible - shipping, Construction, Security, Driving, Transportation, Scientific research, Planning, Engineering, Repair work, Programming, Delivery, Etc, Most of the people who do the heavy lifting are men. The female body is biologically predisposed for birthing and raising children, While the male body is better at gathering resources and building stuff. This is how most animals are built for nature.

  • Women have it far easier than men

    1. There is no pay gap - employers would be sued to kingdom come if there was.
    2. Women have shorter sentences for the same crime as men.
    3. Family courts 99% of the time favour the mother.
    4. Men work for their things, Men work for women's things.
    5. Women expect men to pay for everything still and many still do.
    6. Neonatal wards discriminate openly against fathers while visiting prematurely born babies.
    7. Men are not taken seriously when undergoing a 'more traditionally women's job' for example a nurse - whereas a woman may do a manly job and be shown more respect.

  • Life is hard for both, But more so for a man, Especially in America.

    The online dating ratio is like 1 woman for every 5 men. A lot of men who are effeminate, Passive, And lacking confidence have no shot at finding a partner. Alpha males snatch 2 of 3 women at a time, Leaving a few beta males left behind. Women have better clinics devoted enitrely to them. They have gynecologists where as men have urologists who know little to nothing about the penis. Men live shorter lives because of stress and work related accidents. Men have to wait till their 28 to get married where as women wait till 25. There are a lot more single men out there than single women under the age of 50, And things turn in mens favor at that age but who cares when your old as hell. Men have to pursue women and face rejection time and time again. Men have higher suicide rates. A great guy whos broke is not appealing to women. Being an attractive man is not enough, We have to be wealthy too. And lastly, Men lose on custody battles 10 to 1.

    On the flip side women have pms and they get slut shamed. Also older women are valued much less than men in the work place.

  • Guys have more burdens

    Women claim about divorce rates, But have you ever seen a guy that comes out of a divorce with more cash then before, No, They lose half of their money "love 'em and leave 'em and take half of everything" this is so real, Also if a woman is hit, All hell falls on whoever hit them. Women claim that they are labeled as the weaker sex, But at a party I got the strongest guy there to open the relish jar, He failed, Then some rando girl who was only there to look at me (will be used in later point), Opens it with ease. Women are never labeled as weak, And they have life easy because men see them as so. And the woman that was there to look at me, If i was a girl and she was a guy, I could have had her arrested, But that's not how it works is it, Men are labeled as stalkers for looking at a girl, Women are labeled as stalkers, NEVER! Not even if she looks into his windows and watches him shower. Is that enough evidence?

  • It's 2018 and women have everything in life easier

    There are two primary measures as to the success of a biological organism. Reproductive success and longevity. Women have unearned privilege in both of these categories.
    In the 21st century Western civilization women have it much easier than men. In fact I'd go as far to to say that women today are the most privileged human beings who have ever lived.

    - the vast majority of work place accidents and deaths are men. Quite the old boys club!
    - men work much more overtime than women
    - men have less sex with less partners
    - dating as a man is orders of magnitude more difficult
    - It's okay to be average if you're a woman. It's not okay to be average as a man. You must be exceptional and dominant.
    - Women are hypergamous and men aren't.
    - Women have much higher rates of reproductive success. Most men will end up being cucked or raising another man's children.
    - Women get freebies their entire lives.
    - Women are allowed to be selfish narcissists who only think about themselves. Men have to be self sacrificing and altruistic.
    - Women experience much more pleasure in life than men
    - women live longer
    - Women consume more than they produce. They are net takers and society endorses their selfishness
    - men produce more than they consume. Men are net givers, Yet society hates us for our industriousness.
    - biologically people are programmed to have more empathy for women.

    I could go on but honestly, It would take 700 pages to list all the reasons why women are privileged and men aren't. The most narcissistic women will never be happy until men are completely oppressed.
    Feminism isn't about equality. It's about creating a society that supports the female biological imperative at the expense of the male biological imperative.
    It's about creating a society where women can be as promiscuous as possible. The average 21st century women puts a 19th century prostitute to shame.
    It's about creating a society where women can cuckold men with the approval of the state. To force men to financially support them and the children they have with other men.
    It's about creating a society where women can be more hypergamous than at any other point in history. Where the top 10% of the male population is drowning in pussy and the other 90% are forced into celibacy or end up with somebody else's leftovers and raising another man's child.
    Feminism is about empowering the worst aspects of women at the expense of men, Who are expected to passively accept our decline into irrelevance.

  • Depends on their level of beauty.

    I have two sisters. One looks Manish, the other is gorgeous. The ugly sister gets treated just like a guy meaning nothing gets done for her, people ignore her, and she has to work twice as hard to get half as far.
    My attractive sister.. Has no idea what the world is really like. When she moves, ten guys show up with two trucks ready to move her for free. She's never paid for a drink and constantly gets showered with expensive gifts from her rich boyfriend's. She's a waitress and makes more than me even though I'm an engineer because she makes two to three hundred in tips a shift and she's s ditz.

  • Women have it easier

    Nobody laughs at a woman when she says that she has been abused by a man but pretty much everyone laughs when a man gets abused by a woman because of the expectations of men. Also, a woman can just ruin a man's life is falsely accuse him of rape and even if it is proven wrong no company would want to hire him because he was accused of rape.

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