Men have easier lives than women: Do women have easier lives than men?

  • People use NO FACTS

    Thanks everyone for giving your opinion and not any sort of facts to support them. Just saying things like "Women have to do jobs and care for kids" while not all women even work full time (Which is one of the 12 reasons I have to support the Wage Gap is a lie along with multiple studies, 77 cents to all dollar that doesn't compare jobs, acquired skills and reliability, and 77 cents to a dollar is the average earning over a span over year among the different genders (Not including sexual orientation.) As I man I care how I look and spend lots of time perfecting it while women just complain and say "It's not fair we have to take longer to look nice! Most women complain about the pricing of makeup items but what their not considering it the fact that men don't have expensive items that make up their wash or gel. Basically no one does their facts and it gives me a doubt about this life we live. (No spell check was used so good look if your not reading right it.)

  • Women don't look at the whole picture

    For one men are mutilated at birth. Next a woman can take 40% of a man's paycheck after a divorce not including child support. Women get the children the majority of a time. And worst is a woman can just say a man raped her and if she makes a good story regardless of evidence he can be locked away for 25.

  • No, women work very hard.

    No, women do not have easier lives than men, because life is hard for both sexes. Women often have to care for their family and work at the same time. Women have to juggle multiple things at once, and face multiple pressures. Men have difficult lives too. One cannot be compared to the other.

  • Men Have the Easy Life

    Expectations for a man are less. They are expected to earn a living and support their families. Women lead a dual life. They are breadwinners, work as homemakers, rear their children, and do all the things associated with their traditional roles as wives and mothers in addition to their outside jobs. Many homes are single parent, where the mother has the majority of responsibility for the children. Employment is influenced by the hours her children are in school and their activities after school and on weekends. Frequently, at her job, she is paid less than her male counterpart and has more difficulty making ends meet. Is a woman's life easier? Not at all.

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