Men who get offended at the idea of providing for a woman need to be a slap

Asked by: MrFarRight
  • Yes slap them for the love of God do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it

    A mans role is to be a provider if you think you don't have to be a provider because of this or that you are wrong you can not do that you can not send your kids to daycare because equality or something its not right any men who disagree please challenge me to debate

  • Offended On The Behalf Of Woman, He Deserves A Kiss

    I think that any man who believes that women can fend for themselves, Is wise and kind and not a retard. Sadly, There are still many people that believe in gender roles so any man that doesn’t, Deserves to be cherished, Not slapped.


  • Egalitary in all

    I think that in every case of a relationship the sitatuoin can be vastly different but as a general rule i think men shouldnt be required to be sole supporters, Now in relaitonshsips i think both parties should help eachother out and if that means one helps raise kids and the other support financially thats fine but one gender isnt required to fit either role soley and also part time jobs are a thing, Men and women can both provide and theyre shouldnt be a gender assingment for who can

  • Every person is responsible for him/herself

    If a man decide to not provide for a woman then that woman should brave up and face her fate. She should not wait for a man to provide for her and it is the same with the man.
    Everyone was brought here alone so one should take care of him/herself regardless of the situation the person is in.

  • A man's purpose isn't to provide for someone else.

    In fact, Nobody's purpose is to provide for someone else. Everyone is their own person and the only exception of this is if someone has a child they need to provide for. This doesn't mean people shouldn't care for the people around them, I think it's necessary to give the people you love care and respect. But to say someone should provide for someone else on no basis other than their gender is a discriminatory argument.

  • Then let men provide?

    A mans role in a hetero relationship is to provide and protect his family

    A woman's role is to be good looking and nurture her family

    If you don't like that then may I suggest to you go live in soypan (Japan) or south soyea (south korea) and don't look back

  • Equality is a two way street

    It is not mens responsibility to provide anything for women, If you want equality you get all of it, That means being responsible for yourself just like a man.

    If women want to be provided for they need to leave the workforce and choose a traditionalist lifestyle, You don't get to have your cake and eat it too.

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MrFarRight says2021-03-17T07:47:53.337
Yes I see my typo don't tell me about " be a slap" I know I missed it
brodiescott76 says2021-03-17T21:42:20.937
No, If a man is a provider for a woman that has nothing to do with a womans ability to provide for herself. It merely means that the couple weighed their options and determined traditional gender roles were appropriate gor them.

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