• Only if Uni is left optional

    This would be a great idea, although there may be some logistics to work out,. It would allow more people to receive a college education, without having to go away from home and their family in order to recieve it, and it could be much cheaper that way, g g

  • I am in love with this idea.

    I've always dreamed of college, but it's crazy expensive. So the idea of putting high school and university together would be really awesome to me. It saves money and you're able to complete a college degree in the time that you're at high school.
    However, there's a small problem in my opinion. I've also always wanted the whole college experience. With dorms, roommates, and sort of getting away from home from nine months to experience what the world be like.
    With having the two together, I would be able to live at home, and honestly I don't really want that as part of my "college experience".
    Even with this minor issue I have, I am still all for this idea of university and high school merging.

  • Fantastic idea, it would make for more opportunity...

    Actually, this is a fantastic idea! Just think of it, more students could attend a university close by! The tutition should be free just like the school, and I think that there should be an age seperation, since the school would be attached to the high school, such as the high schoolers together, and everyone else (outsiders) could be together. Going to college should be optional to the students, and outsiders should be allowed to enroll.

    The high schoolers should be allowed to take or explor the courses while still finishing high school. College students 19+ shouldn't be allowed to join the activities of the high school, such as prom, that should be exclusively for the high schoolers. Same goes for class president, and other clubs. The college should have its own clubs.

  • Saves time & money

    I have been beaten over the head time and time again on history and other subjects, which haven't changed since I was in Grade 1. Since many college classes replay high school classes, why not just merge the two? Graduate with a BA or BS by the age of 18. Since the high schools would be doing the uni-level classes, it would still be covered.

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