• Always!! No matter what

    They work hard for students for their education and because of that, their students have good jobs.

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  • Merit Pay is Always a Good Idea

    Let's face it-- very few careers have more far-reaching influence than that of the teacher. Teachers educate the youth of this nation, provide guidance, and essentially set the bar for what our youths could become. Because of this issues, it is important that teachers earn payment based on the skill inherent with their performance. The better the teacher, the better the pay. There are issues with deciding how merit will be judged, but this is worth the decision making. Pay our teachers for the good they do.

  • Merit Pay for Teachers Could Encourage Teaching to the Test

    I am not opposed to the idea of merit pay for teachers. I think that on first glance it sounds like a great idea. People that are more successful at their jobs than others, deserve to make more money. However, I think one of the few ways to determine a teacher's success rate, would be by testing scores. With the No Child Left Behind Act, which is based on test scores, we have already seen a lot of cases where teachers are simply teaching students to pass standardized test, rather than teaching them to learn and to be curious. We have also seen some cases of outright cheating among teachers. Also, some of the best teachers out there are able to teach and inspire students in other ways that might not show up on a test score.

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