Merit pay for teachers: Does merit pay help attract/retain quality teachers?

  • Merit pay is a good idea whose time has come.

    In our work economy we are working in a merit based system, poor performance is not rewarded, and execlent performance is rewarded with higher pay. Teacher should be paid a base salery and have a Merit based bonus system associated with execletent student performance. Naturall in classes where the grading system is not used such as PE, Music, Band, or special ed, there would not be any need for a Merit bonus.

  • Merit Pay is good

    Teachers who don't earn their pay don't deserve to get paid as much as teachers who earn their way. Sure merit pay discourages teaching disabled students, but the thirst for wanting to help should remove all fears. Besides, teachers should teach for the desire to help kids not for money.

  • Merit Pay Ensures Better Teachers

    Merit pay for teachers ensures that only serious teachers will continue to teach American children in public schools. Merit pay hopes to solve the question of teacher quality by retaining the best of the best. Such a system, ideally, weeds the chaff out of the teaching system by making sure only the most motivated people work up to school district standards.

  • What about those teachers who teach highly disabled people?

    Teachers who teach the highly disabled students, music, PE, etc. have no way to do standardized testing. CNN a well know new source says “If disabled students receive specific lessons in aspects such as life skills how can their progress be measured. This will leave out those educators working these handicapped students.” How in the world will these teachers get money?

  • No, It Sets Up Unhealthy Competition

    No, it does not. Because of the vast array of differences in learning styles of students, teachers merit does not completely depend on them. A very good teacher could be in a difficult environment, or be working with difficult students, and be unable to do anything about their learning style. Standards testing may be given in such a way that it prohibits success of the student, thereby reflecting poorly on the teacher. Merit pay will create an unfair and unhealthy sense of competition that could lead to falsifying records for extra pay incentives.

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