Merit pay for teachers: Is merit-based pay a good way to increase teacher pay?

  • Yes they should

    TEACHERS that are good get more money. Bad teachers get less money.
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  • Yes, I think it would be good.

    Merit pay for teachers is a great way to help give teachers a better more reasonable pay while also rewarding them for doing a good job and being a teacher. Teachers should be paid more in general they are molding young minds and providing us with an education that helps us.

  • No, merit based pay is not a good way to increase teacher pay.

    I believe that merit pay for teachers is not a good way to increase teacher pay. The reason is that there are many factors out of their control. For example, some parents do not support education at home and a student doesn't do his or her homework and their grade may be poor. Some students have disabilities and will have limited learning potential. A teacher's pay should not reflect those limitations.

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