Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays: Is "merry Christmas" inclusive enough?

  • Only offensive people get offended!

    < I don't really believe that, but its a fun headline.

    Merry Christmas is fine, Happy Holidays is fine. It's a nice gesture either way. Those who get mad at one, are just as silly and frivolous as those who get mad at the other.

    Am I the only one who sees this as people getting mad for people saying nice things to them? As long as you throw a Happy, Merry, or whatever friendly word infront of it I could care less if what follows is X-mas, Hanukkah, Holidays, New Years. There is to much to really be legitimately upset with to create more problems.

  • Yes, Christmas has little religious baring these days

    Christmas tends to be celebrated by both Christians and Atheists alike, as well as even some people of other religions. The fact is that Christmas is barely even a religious holiday anymore. I am not against the term "Happy Holidays" (though I never hear or see it in Britain) and I would have no issue if someone greeted me with that term. However, equally as Christmas is much more about the giving of gifts these days and much less about the birth of Jesus, I really see no issues with greeting anyone with that term.

  • Tis the season to say something

    Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? This is the question many people ask themselves this time of year. With all the anxiety over the correct holiday greeting as led people to forget the spirit of the holiday. What is this holiday spirit? The spirit of the holiday is being joyful, forgiving, understanding and sharing. People shouldn't be afraid to say, whatever greeting they would like. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Eid are all acceptable greets. Don't be a grinch.

  • Generic is the way to go

    I am a christian, and believe in the 'christian' part of christmas. However, I don't want to be offensive to anybody. Everyone has the right to have whatever beliefs, if any at all, that they want. The generic greeting 'happy holidays' suits everyone. Christians, atheists, everyone. The whole works. I, as a christian, do not find 'happy holidays' offensive, as some do. Some christians state that 'happy holidays' in non inclusive of christians. However, I find it inclusive of everyone. So all in all, I like the generic greeting 'happy holidays', especially if you don't know the beliefs of the person who you trying to greet.

  • Pushing religion on others.

    Saying merry Christmas to everyone is inappropriate and unnecessary. Christmas is not an all around believe. Some people don't celebrate Christmas and don't need Christians pushing their beliefs on everyone. Even though it is a nice jester, it shows how small minded and one sided you are on the world.

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