• People should say 'happy holidays'

    People should say happy holidays,cause you might have Friends in different country the have similar Christmas things but different things.So i'm saying people should say happy holidays,cause if you say it to a random person that doesn't cerebrate Christmas. Its mean to say it so people should say happy holidays

  • It is OK to say happy holidays

    Some peoples culture is not believing Christmas so you don't have to specifically say Merry Christmas that may offend them. They may have another holiday around Christmas so just say happy holidays. You can say merry Christmas around your family if they celebrate and believe in Christmas. HAPPY HOLIDAYS .

  • Happy Holidays is stupid

    I know that a lot of people say happy holidays, but if we already have merry christmas, we don't need another way to say merry christmas. It like having 2 first names. Theres no purpose for it. Just use the original and be done with it, I don't think its necessary, it's just silly.

  • I use them at different times

    Personally I use the two terms at different times of the year. I'll use happy holidays from Thanksgiving into the first week of December, and then switch to merry Christmas til December 26th, at which point I say happy holidays again til the new year. Whatever you say, it's the sentiment that counts.

  • Merry Christmas to all!

    Christmas is a national holiday, deal with it. When did this country become a bunch of pansies and whine about every little thing. I don't whine when Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo, hanukkah or Juneteenth. I support your right to celebrate whatever you want to celebrate but I refuse to let you limit my speech because of something so petty.

  • Merry Christmas, or I'll help you pack

    It has always been Merry Christmas, and Merry Christmas it will be. If some idiots are "offended" by this greeting, they should get out of here and go back to whatever country they like. Here, in this country, we celebrate Christmas, and we are not ashamed of it. We don't intend to offend anyone by it, either. It's just a holiday we have.

  • Just say Happy holidays

    Okay,I personally don't celebrate Christmas, etc. (I celebrate New years etc). I'm so tired of people saying "Marry Christmas" after they say that they always have to say "do you celebrate Christmas?" and the conversation immediately gets awkward. I swear they'll be asking me 24/7 why I don't celebrate Christmas. So I suggest you saying happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas.

  • I say happy holidays because it can mean many different holidays from many different cultures.

    Happy Holidays means different holiday like Christmas Kiwanis Hanukkah unlike merry Christ which only stands for one thing that only stands for Christmas. What about all the people that are have different cultures and celebrations for example if you go to vacation to a different place out of America you wont say merry Christmas you will say happy holidays.

  • I say both

    Let’s start with the fact that there are several holidays that fall during December including Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice and the newly minted secular Human Light. They all would like, and deserve to be acknowledged and respected.
    So this brings us to the Merry Christmas vs Happy Holiday debate that is not complicated and is solved with basic etiquette. If you know someone is a Christian who is celebrating Christmas you should say to them ‘Merry Christmas.’ Likewise, say ‘Happy Hanukkah’ to a person you know is Jewish, etc.

  • People should say " Happy Holidays " Its saying happy holidays for your religion.

    Its more respectful for them instead of saying Merry Christmas if you said that to a Jewish they mite get mad at you for saying that to him that way you say "Happy Holiday" they will be fine or happy that you said that to him that way the company should get rid of "Merry Christmas" letters.

  • Always say happy holidays because you never no what is like christian or not .

    No because if someone is not christian and you said marry to a Jewish person they will have to tell you i am not christian so it is always better to say happy holidays because you never ever know is a person is christian t or is Jewish so always say happy holidays

  • So as it says in the top article they say saying Merry Christmas is rude in some religions it is.

    Alright, I'm not good at doing article but I like to try but either way it is rude because Jewish religions don't celebrate Christmas they celebrate Hanukkah I am outraged by that they say we shouldn't say Happy Holidays because if you say it maybe they celebrate differently and I don't like trump so yea.

  • Merry Christmas is just rude

    Now that the country has some more people from different places. Its is rude to say Merry Christmas because you dont know if the person celebrates something different from you. Another reason is some people hate Christmas because some family member died that day you just dont know. Thank you for your time

  • Happy holidays makes more sense

    Especially in a society such as America. In america there is such a mix of cultures that saying Merry Christmas is just rude. To say Merry christmas assumes that the person you are speaking to is Christian or celebrates Christmas. To avoid beign rude or assuming, I think it would be better to say Happy holidays. Now if you know the person celebrates Christmas then by all means say Merry Christmas, if you know what the person celebrates wish them a happy/merry blank. But to those you don't know say Happy holidays. It's not offensive and not everyone celebrates Christmas.

  • Happy Holidays is more inclusive.

    I'm not forcing anybody to say Happy Holidays, but I think it's better than saying "Merry Christmas."
    Happy Holidays is something you can say to anybody. You can say it to someone who celebrates Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, etc.
    You really can't go wrong with Happy Holidays. It prevents that awkward conversation with someone when they respond with "I'm Jewish" after you wish them a Merry Christmas.

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