Meryl Streep uses the Golden Globes to give a powerful speech against Donald Trump and racism. Should she have this power?

  • Yes, she had the chance to give her opinion and make a difference

    I see no reason why Meryl Streep should not have used her Golden Globes speech to discuss Donald Trump and racism. She was entirely within her rights and because she had a national audience she had a change to change minds and make a difference. She had an opportunity and she took it.

  • Yes, it's freedom of speech.

    Everyone in the world should have this power. That is, we should all have freedom of speech. Meryl Streep decided to use hers to send a message about the president-elect. People listened because she is well-liked, well-respected and famous. She doesn't have any more power than anyone else in the United States, but because of her fame, more people heard her.

  • Yes, I agree

    Yes, she deserves this power. If this will work, i support her 100%. Meryl Streep should actually continue using the Golden Globe to give those powerful speeches. I also hope that Donald Trump is accessing this speeches so that he can learn from his mistakes. We should learn to stop racism.

  • It was her speech

    Meryl Streep was given the stage, allowed to give a speech after winning her award. There are no rules on what has to be said. That was her time to say whatever she wanted. She had every right to make her voice heard, to share with others how she felt, and to encourage others to not sit quietly. Sometimes celebrities are in the best position to encourage change.

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