• Ronaldo is better not by a lot

    Ronaldo has about the same goals as messi, messi has 364 goals in his career while on the other hand ronaldo has 500 + goals in his career messi is a team player but ronaldo is more dangerous on set pieces while "Ronaldo has proved to be much more deadly from set-pieces, scoring 49 penalties and 23 free-kicks, compared to just 32 penalties and 13 free-kicks for Messi". And by stats ronaldo is faster, deadly in the air, stronger, finishing, set pieces, skills, while messi is a better passer and dribbler than ronaldo i respect messi but ronaldo is better messi does have more goals than ronaldo in the la liga but if ronaldo was in la liga the same amount as messi ronaldo will have more goals than messi, ronaldo does have one less ballon'dor than messi but ronaldo has more golden boots and ronaldo has 24 team and individual reward while messi has 22 in my opinion ronaldo is better and i still respect messi

  • Messi Is Better

    If you look at their statistics Messi is better. Messi's won more cups. Messi captained Argentina to the World Cup final, while Portugal got out in the group stages. Also, Messi is younger, he's won more ballon d'ors and he is captain if his club. Messi was the best player in one of the best teams ever, the Barcelona of the mid 2000s.

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