• Earthquakes are a bigger threat outside of the U.S.

    Earthquakes are a bigger threat outside of the U.S. where infrastructure to support relief efforts is not available. These countries will experience higher mortality rates and damage compared to a country with relief efforts ready at a moments notice. Foreign aid comes at a delay, so the immediate will be greater.

  • Earthquakes are not more of a threat

    Earthquakes are not increasing in frequency or strength. They are covered more in our increasingly global twenty four hour news cycle. Natural disasters and panic sell so they are highlighted in the news. Because of this people think there are more earthquakes rather than recognizing that there were lots of foreign eathquakes in the past that were not heavily reported here.

  • No, it's the same as it's always been

    Earthquakes have happened throughout history, and I think they are happening with the same frequency they always have. We may see more devastation now as the population grows and urban areas become more densely populated (meaning an earthquake now may be more deadly than the same earthquake 100 years ago), but they are equally as likely to happen as they have always been.

  • No earthquakes are not becoming more of a threat.

    While it is true that more earthquakes are being recorded than ever, this is due to improvements in the technology used to measure and record them. Also there are more monitoring stations in use worldwide than ever before. So the frequency of earthquakes is not increasing, just the number of them that are being monitored.

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