Mexicans Launch Boycotts of U.S. Companies in Fury at Donald Trump. Will Trump cause a detrimental trade war?

  • Yes, the trade war has already started.

    Trump has already caused a detrimental trade war. His mere presence upsets certain groups. What these groups need to remember is that Trump does not bite his tongue when he talks about how he feels and what he wants to do. Other presidents do, but that doesn't mean that they care for Mexicans, African-Americans and other minorities any more than the Trump does.

  • Yes, it certainly is possible that Donald Trump will spark a trade war.

    Donald Trump is currently making some bold, and rather ill informed, blanket statements about some of the US trade partners. Even if trade is to be reformed, you can't just drop other countries, and their economies, on a whim, lambasting policies that were put in place by previous administrations. His proposed trade changes should include a well timed transition.

  • Yes, Trump will cause a detrimental trade war

    The insulting manner that Trump has conducted his approach to Mexico will create a trade war. The impact of poor judgement and disregard toward Mexico is embarrassing and damaging for our relationships with our southern neighbor. There are many reasons to be diplomatic if only to consider the jobs that Mexicans do for the U.S.

  • Mexico is a economic burden on the USA

    Mexico has used as cheap workforce to take many jobs away from Americans tariffs on Mexican goods Would only benefit the United States because we would regain our manufacturing jobs from Mexico and still have the ability to make exports to other developed countries that have similar economies to ours and are not a threat to our jobs

  • He won't cause a trade war with Mexico.

    Trump may harm relations between the US and other nations.However, he will not start a trade war with Mexico.The US is Mexico's largest trading partner accounting for 81.2% of all of Mexico's exports(2015). If Mexico starts a trade war with the US, it will fail miserably.Mexico is also the US's third largest trading partner and it will harm the US's economy is it starts a trade war.

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