Mexico beats Chile with last-minute goal from Javier Hernandez: will this score improve Hernandez's career prospects?

  • This score will not improve Hernandez's career prospects

    This score will not improve Hernandez's career prospects because no one cares about soccer. It is, by leaps and bounds, the most incredibly boring sport on the face of the planet. If I had to sit through a nil to nil game I think I would hack myself with a machete.

  • Yes, the last-minute score will improve Javier Hernandez's career prospects.

    Javier Hernandez will be remembered for a long time because of his last-minute goal that defeated Chile. Fans were on the edge of their seats up until the last minute, making this an exciting game for Mexico and Chile. His notoriety from this goal will bring his name to the top for recruiters, improving his career prospects.

  • Javier Hernandez's winning goal will improve his career prospects.

    Any athlete hopes for that one crucial moment. A moment that will make their career explode. I believe Javier Hernandez had that moment when his last minute attempt was a winning one. Others will look to him to see how he will follow it up. Endorsement deals are probably already flooding in.

  • A goal is a goal is a goal...

    Last minute scores are great for excitement, but do little for the overall scope of an athlete's career prospects. Sure, it's great to hear the crowd chanting your name, and know that you scored the winning goal, but that little bit of last ditch effort is as much luck as it is talent. When the numbers are on the paper, one goal at the beginning of the game is just the same as a goal at the end of the game.

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