Mexico Celebrations: Will Halloween infiltrate the Day of the Dead celebrations?

  • Yes, but traditions will largely be maintained.

    With the relationship and connection between Mexico and the United States continuing to grow closer, in large part due to people who spend there time in both countries, or Mexicans who have spent significant time in the United States or have family that has, a degree of adoption of each other's cultural traditions is inevitable. Given than many traditional symbols of Mexican culture have been adopted in the mainstream in the US; it is reasonable to assume that US customs, in this case Halloween, will also be adopted in Mexico, as as already happened with certain music, food, and popular culture.

  • I dont think so.

    Disagree because it will never happen that Halloween will infiltrate the day of the dead because Halloween is just created by people and by saying it just created by people it means it just a imagination of our ancestor and just to celebrate the day of dead and remember the people who have just died.

  • Mexico and Halloween Celebrations

    The Day of the Dead celebrations have been a part of the Mexican culture for hundreds of years. Halloween should not infiltrate any of the Day of the Dead celebrations because this legacy has been programmed in the minds and hearts of the people of Mexico. They take the Day of the Dead seriously and they would let nothing else encroach on their symbolic day.

  • I do not think Halloween will infiltrate the Day of the Dead celebrations.

    I don't think Halloween will infiltrate the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico. Even though many Americans confuse the two holidays - they are in fact quite different. The Day of the Dead celebrations are very important and almost scared to an extent in Mexico, a special celebration of those who have passed on before us and that is very different then the American version of Halloween. Even though they are close on the the calendar, they will remain seperate.

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