Mexico defeated Paraguay 1-0 in a soccer match. Is Andres Guardado going to be a star?

  • Yes, Andres Guardado is already a star and will probably become a bigger star.

    Andres Guardado helped the Mexican national team beat Paraguay on May 28, 2016 during a game in the Copa America Centenario. Andres Guardado was rated by ESPN as one of the top 25 players competing in the Copa America Centenario this year. He scored the only goal in the game, making him a crucial part of the team during this tournament. He is already a soccer star, because he has been playing well professionally since 2005. If he continues to perform well in the Copa America Centenario and on the PSV club that he plays for, he will be an even bigger star.

  • Playing nationally and internationally already

    Andres Guardado has already achieved stardom as a footballer. The American aversion to the game does not define international standing, and Mr. Guardado has played well for his national team as well many tier one European clubs. He has been ranked in the top 30 international players already and has the skill set to sustain his star power.

  • He has the look

    Let's face it, there are many talented athletes out there but the one thing that is an advertiser's dream is an above average looking athlete. Andres Guardado has this special advantage. He is not only a rare talent, he is very good looking. He is well on his way to being a star.

  • What's the connection

    I don't see how Mexico winning 1-0 means one of their players will be a star.It's not like he scored three goals or anything, and even then how would that put him on the level of a Zidane or a Renaldo? It seems to be jumping the gun, especially for such a low score.

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