Mexico won't pay for the wall: Will Trump be able to negotiate with Mexico over payment?

  • Sure he will

    Of course Mexico says it will not pay for the wall, it has to save face with its citizens. Trump has said that payment for the wall may not be a straight lump sum. He can utilize any number of creative accounting scenarios to achieve his goal. One way or another, Trump will fulfill this campaign promise.

  • Only under threat of invasion and annihilation.

    The only way Trump is going to get mexico to capitulate to his bullying is with the use of military force. Trump is used to bullying those much smaller than he is and getting his way, however that doesn't work very well at the national level unless you are ready willing and able to destroy them both economically and militarily.

  • NO duh what

    Why would they? Lets use our brains please..Honestly now I'm just typing to fill the minimum it is so stupid this issue is a joke trump is a joke. Tell me why mexico would even want to the bigot America just voted into office..... They don't exactly. This question is stupid

  • No, this is still post-campaign posturing

    Trump's idea of building an extended immigration wall is a waste of money, for both countries. Political rhetoric, expressed during the campaign, is frequently abandoned when the realities of political office come to light. Trump may eventually manage to get Mexico to the negotiation table over this issue. However, Trump has far more pressing issues that will likely be at the forefront of his administration's priorities.

  • No, Trump will not likely be able to negotiate with Mexico over payment for the wall.

    No, Trump will not likely be able to negotiate with Mexico over payment for the wall. It was silly for Trump to declare that he would make another sovereign country pay for something he's choosing to build. It was downright stupid and embarrassing for the American public to go along with the idea, thinking he could and would make Mexico pay. Nothing short of serious threats or unreasonable sanctions is going to force Mexico to pay.

  • No, they won't pay

    Everybody with a brain that functions correctly knew it was stupid the second Trump opened his mouth about the wall. Of course the Mexicans won't pay for it. And will it stop people who want to get in from coming in? No of course it wont, the wall will be so long the criminals will be digging under it and getting massive ladders over it. Trump won't be able to make Mexico pay because of his attitude.

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