Mexico (yes) vs. Brazil (no): Which is the better soccer team?

  • Mexico is better

    Not only because I'm Mexican but even if they lose they are still a great team for trying. But today shows that Brazil was better but what about next time you never know. Both teams are good in either ways and Brazil showed lots of fairness even though Mexico lost. They are both equally good.

  • México can beat Brazil

    Even though Brazil has won more world cups México is better. With a player like Neymar on Brazil it’s so hard to get the ball since Neymar is such a ball hogger. The Mexican players attack, run so fast to get that ball, while the Brazilian players wait till they get passed the ball. Plus with Guillermo Ochoa it’s so hard to get a ball through that net. That’s why México is a better team than Brazil

  • Brazil will pay the prize for being arrogant

    They have nothing going for them, this current team is stale...Mexico will win.....Ask Germany the so called world champs....Ha, we will do the same with Brazil and little Neymar will go home crying, it will be the biggest surprise of the World Cup!...You read it here first....You are all warned.

  • Yea we are

    Mexico is better at everthing they havre rff g f d gsd f gf g fg df gf df fd f f fd f fg g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g

  • Mexico is better

    Yes Brazil has won way more world cups then mexico with mexico just none but as you know mexico has been the country to beat Brazil the most ( don't Believe just look it up ) and when mexico faced the Netherlands they did not really lose to the Netherlands cause Netherlands faked the penalty and that's how they got there 2nd goal so mexico wasn't really out of the World Cup in 2014 . And also Brazil got BEAT up like big time in the World Cup 2014 7-1 and losing the third place match 3-0 . Well that's my opinion thx

  • Brazil is so much better

    I would say because I'm part Brazilian but I just like them way better they have one so many more cups than Mexico that is really the only other reason then just winning cups all of the time. Do you like Brazil or Mexico submit your opinion that was mine.

  • Yes they are

    Mexico is getting better, when they went against Brazil in the world cup they were tied0-0,
    when Mexico went against Netherlands they lost, BUT at least Mexico made a goal on them without any penalty shots,and when Brazil went against Netherlands they lost 3-0, making absolutely no goals what so ever.

  • Mexico is better

    Just because we haven't won a world cup doesn't mean we can't beat some Brazilians, if Brazil is so good then why couldn't score against us in the the 2014 world cup, also we gave more effort against Netherlands than Brazil, I dont think we ever lost 7-1,that's pretty bad well my opinion stands Mexico can beat Brazil anytime......

  • Mexico is a better team TODAY

    Yes it is true that in the past Brazil has won more championships but I believe that in todays day in age mexico can clearly stack up against the vest in the world. And we saw that clearly in the 2012 London Olympics where they went off to win the old metal and against who?? Oh that's right.. Brazil. We shall see tomorrow during the world cups mexico Brazil game who is truly the better team.

  • Brazil is the best

    Well Brazil has really good defense,attackers etc. Mexico is very slow and they are not that good they score (mostly) penalties so like Brazil is not the kinda team that goes for blood they go to play we got some good players like Neymar,P. Coutinho,Paulinho,Tiago Silva and Marcelo We are here to win I think it’s gonna be a really good game to watch.

  • Well brasil has won the most world cups than any other contry and mexico won 0

    Just because we tied in the cup us so called brasilians can beat mexico any time like the other teams we beat.And also we got in top 4 beat that mexico got in the 18th place.Mexico has lost more games than brasil and the facts prove it like a game with B 2 vs M 1

  • Mexico is good just not as good.

    I understand Nationality and rooting for your race but when it comes to the field it's about skill.We all simply have seen brazil win world cups so clearly mexico has no chance.In my opinion Brazil is going to completely demolish mexico because of skill and they will be the victors.

  • Brazil has more championships

    Brazil has won a lot more championships at the highest level than Mexico. To me this is not even a close comparison. Brazil may be the best international soccer team of all time and Mexico is slightly above average. We will find out for sure at the World Cup who is better.

  • Brazil would win easily.

    If we saw these two teams face each other, Brazil would be in control from start to finish. This year, the world cup is at Brazil, so if the two teams gaced off, Brazil would have the definate home-field edge, as well as the better players like Neymar, Kaka and many more.

  • Brazil are much better

    Clearly they are the better side as well as the more successful side due tot the credible fact that they have won 5 world cups and have some of the worlds best players. They have more skilful players and quite a few Brazilians play in better leagues rather than only a few from Mexico such as: Hernandez playing at Man U. These great players range from: Pele, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Neymar, Hulk, Thiago Silva and many more. Who has Mexico had? What success have they had?

  • It is Brazil!

    Simply, you can't compare those 2 teams. Brazil is home of football, 5 times winner of World Cup, home of best football players like Ronaldinho, Pelé, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos, Zico, Neymar and others. It's one of the best football countries ever. Football is a religion in Brazil and EVERYBODY here plays football. They've got years of experiences.
    Mexico is 'young' when we talk about football. I must agree that they are still improving and we could see it last year on the Olympic Games where young Mexicans won the whole tournament and in the final beat Brazil 2:1. However, Brazil is still better.

  • Brazil the champions!

    Firstly, think about how many matches Mexico has won and then compare it to how many Brazil has won, huge difference. Brazil has won the World Cup many times, but Mexico currently has won none. All the good players are also in Brazil and Brazil always makes it further in the world cup series.

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