MH17 Missile Came from Russia: Will this news hush up all the conspiracy rumors?

  • Yes, the conspiracy rumors will be silenced now

    Yes, now it is evident that Russians have planned this action just to accuse Ukrainian army. To some rulers people of other nations are just collateral damage on their way to gain more power. They will try everything and anything to hide they real intentions, but the truth always emerges.

  • Yes, I hope so.

    These include a "natural human delight" in complicating matters and telling a good story; proving that an enemy is "not only bad but demonically cunning"; making money; and that a proportion of them are true. For all the ludicrous theories that exist, there are also some real conspiracies out there.

  • No, just because a missile came from a certain country doesn't mean that that country had anything to do with the missile being fired.

    Although the missile that shot down flight MH17 was from Russia, it still could have been fired by people with nothing to do with Russia. No one has accepted responsibility for this action. Those who hold various conspiracy theories are unlikely to change their views simply because the missile came from Russia.

  • No it will not hush up conspiracy rumors because the statement has not been accepted by the Kremlin as proof.

    Conspiracy rumors will continue to spiral until solid evidence is brought forth in the matter. Russian representatives continue to deny Russia's involvement and cite the apparent lack of detail and proof of the missile launch site to support their denial. Until undeniable evidence is brought to light, conspiracy rumors will continue to circulate.

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