• Yes, college is worth it

    I believe that college is worth it. Although college is costly, people with college degrees make twice as much money over their lifetime than people without college degrees. College is an investment in the future that is worth the short term financial burden. Employers seek prospective employees with college degrees and are unlikely to hire candidates who lack a college degree.

  • Yes, it is worth it!

    College, as of right now, may be something of a waste of money to some. But, we can always learn. We have the brain strength to always learn something, and to able to learn something and put it on a resume, is even better. it will prepae you for a career.

  • Yes, College is worth it

    Yes, College is worth it. Many companies are now looking for College degrees in their staff. It does not necessarily need to be a specific degree, just a degree to show that you are dedicated and committed to following something through to the end. This gives the company the feeling that you will stay with them longer and they will have a lower attrition rate.

  • No, when everyone goes to college it is devalued.

    Over the last several decades, students have been encouraged more and more shrilly to attend college to "make a better life for themselves". No sacrifice is too much. College loans are fine because you'll pay them back. No price is too high. As a result, young adults are coming out of college with useless degrees, huge amounts of unbankruptable debt, and no real education. How can this be better, for some kids, than going through a trade apprenticeship and becoming happy plumbers, mechanics, and home builders? College is not a one-size-fits-all, but it's been made out to be just that.

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