Michael Jacksons Escape: Would you attend a Michael Jackson virtual tour?

  • Yes, I would attend a Michale Jackson virtual tour.

    I enjoy Michael Jackson's music and style and so if his virtual tour was in my local area I would look into attending it, I believe that there is probably significant interest in a tour like this because of how popular Michael Jackson was both domestically and Internationally throughout his career.

  • No, I would not watch or attend a Michael Jackson virtual tour

    I do understand that Michael Jackson was the king of modern pop, and his music was very influential. He even had some songs that I still enjoy listening too. I just would not attend a virtual tour, and the release of Xscape, a posthumous record, does not benefit Michael Jackson in any way. It only benefits those who own the rights to his musical legacy and I do not support making money off of dead celebrities.

  • No, I would not attend a virtual tour

    I have no interest in attending a Michael Jackson virtual tour. I was a child of the 80's, so I grew up watching and listening to Michael Jackson. I still appreciate his music and artistry to this day. However, I am not a big enough fan of his to be interested in attending a virtual tour.

  • I would not attend his tour.

    I wouldn't go I didn't like Michael Jackson's character I hate that everyone acts like they like Michael Jackson after he died. He was widely disliked, and he was made fun of by many. They had many jokes talking about his "child abuse", like all the jokes about the catholic it highlights the child obsession.

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