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  • They are loyal.

    The electors are loyal to the party. They have been waiting to be chosen as electors and they are eager for their chance to vote for Trump for President. Michael Moore thinks that he can control other people. He will be sadly mistaken when the people loyal to the Republican party continue to be loyal to the Republican party.

  • No, GOP electors are not receptive to Michael Moore.

    Michael Moore has long been unpopular with the GOP due to his many documentaries that criticize Republican issues and stances, from Fahrenheit 911 to Bowling for Columbine. This makes GOP Electors far less likely to pay any attention to an appeal from the filmmaker. Moreover, despite the misgivings many Republicans have about Trump, they are still happy to have a GOP president stepping into the White House in January.

  • Trump has more support than Democrats realize.

    I think that Michael Moore's appeals to GOP electors will have little to no impact on Donald Trump's presidential election. While the results of the election shocked many Americans, particularly Democrat supporters, I do not think that people realize how much support Trump truly has across the nation. I think what the country needs to do is to come together and find a sense of unity regardless of their opinion of Trump.

  • While this could be possible, I think the chances are slim.

    Voters should always vote their conscience regardless of the consequences. Otherwise, the whole system is null. The fact that states can influence voting by imposing penalties for voting a certain way is ludicris. This is the real issue that needs to be addressed. Otherwise we might as well just appoint our government officials.

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