Michael Moore says Donald Trump will get us killed: Should Trump start reading his intelligence briefings?

  • A president should always read his intelligence briefings.

    Trump should begin reading his intelligence briefings because it is both unacceptable and absurd to have a president who is so woefully ill-informed about international issues and security threats and it will inevitably cause harm to the country. However, it is unlikely that his ignorance will get anyone killed as most other powerful countries which are capable of inflicting harm against the United States have competent leaders who would not contemplate a war with America, no matter what the provocation.

  • Yes, Trump should start reading his intelligence briefings.

    The president's intelligence briefings are important and are printed out daily for a reason: They give the president a quick rundown of important events throughout the world. This, in turn, keeps the president apprised of what needs to be done on a daily basis. These intelligence briefings as also available for Trump, as the president-elect. He, too, needs to know what is going on around the world. Therefore, it is important for Trump to read his daily intelligence briefings and continue to do so after he is sworn in.

  • Yes, he needs to take his job seriously.

    Donald Trump is proving everyone right who said that he is unfit to be president. He is horribly unqualified and inexperienced, but he is still arrogant enough to think that he doesn't need intelligence briefings. His ignorance about the world and about his own job are very likely to cause deaths and other serious problems.

  • Lack of Intelligence Briefings is Unintelligent

    President-Elect Donald Trump has openly admitted to not attending daily intelligence meetings because they are repetitive. One only has to harken back to John F Kennedy's presidency to see how important and necessary these briefings are. Intelligence briefings stopped a nuclear war from occuring during JFK's watch and with the growing amount of hostility spurned by Trumps' aggressive and often childish attitude towards other countries, having the knowledge readily available will help keep this country and the world safe.

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