Michael Moore's five-point plan for post-election actions goes viral: Do people feel a need to be told what to do now?

  • yes, they do

    Many are feeling hopeless and helpless. We're in shock that this has really happened. So yes, some people need to feel like there are things they can do to recover some sense of purpose and control Given that the GOP is poised to control all 3 branches of government, having a plan to gain something back is a plus.

  • We are adults.

    People don't need to be told what to do now that the election is over, because people are smart and resourceful. Michael Moore is nothing special, and political activism is nothing new. The American people will figure out if they want to unite under Trump or if they want to protest.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Just because Michael Moore has made some good observations politically speaking in the past, doesn't mean he's right about politics now. The Clinton's were responsible for deregulating Wall Street and the big banks, for NAFTA. Bill Clinton's economic sanctions against Iraq after the bogus 1991 'shooting ducks in a barrel', caused the deaths of no less than 500,000 Iraqi children. Is that a bagatelle? Then he allowed the CIA to finesse another bogus war in Yugoslavia because the Cold Warriors couldn't...

  • People do not feel a need to be told what to do now

    People do not feel a need to be told what to do now. They made that extremely clear during the election. How is that, you ask? The mainstream press did everything in its power to tell people what to do. The people gave it the collective middle finger and managed to do just fine on their own.

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