Michael Phelps arrested for 2nd DUI: Do you think Michael Phelps should be barred from the Olympics after his latest crime?

  • Yes, I think he should be removed from the team permanently.

    Representing your country in the Olympics is a huge honor and there are plenty of law-abiding athletes who would love to take his place and not shame the country with their arrogance. It sends a bad message that he can go around endangering people's lives (driving 84 with a BAC of .14%) but yet if he can touch the wall 0.13 seconds sooner than the next guy that makes everything okay. What a bunch of BS.

  • He's a role model!

    I honestly think he should because he's a role model to some kids and if he's not then it would make other kids think that they can get away with it! Is tht what we really want the kids to think? I hope he is barred for his careless mistakes.

  • Yes (for a period of time). If only to be fair and impartial.

    I agree the Phelps is a phenomenal athlete.. But so is Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson. Neither of which had any prior issues or court decisions imposed upon them, but were both "suspended" from league play. Phelps should not receive a pass simply because of his accomplishments. He could've killed someone in both instances.. Are we going to wait until he does kill someone before the Olympic board reacts?

  • No I don't think Michael Phelps should be banned from the Olympics.

    While getting a second DUI is a bad move for Olympian Michael Phelps, unless the IOC is going to create (or already has) a strict code of conduct and rules for situations like this, he should not be banned. Yes, he made a mistake for a second time, but he didn't do anything to hurt anybody or take performance enhancing drugs. He should definitely be reprimanded, but I don't know what banning him from the Olympics would do for anyone.

  • Michael Phelps Should Not Be Barred frm the Olympics

    Although this the second DUI for Phelps barring him from the Olympics is an overreaction. Michael Phelps is a great swimmer with huge potential for future wins and his talent has to be supported and admired. Offensive behavior and crimes should not be tolerated ever and Phelps has to receive his rightful punishment. But his civil life should not be interfered with his sport career.

  • Michael Phelps personal life has nothing to do with the olympics.

    Mr. Phelps punishment for his latest DUI will be determined by a judge. His involvement in the Olympics though, has nothing to do with his personal life. If he is incarcerated then obviously he cannot participate, but besides that he should be allowed to continue to swim. If his intoxication interfers with his ability to train, that will be a different story.

  • No, I don't think a DUI is enough to warrant that.

    Michael Phelps' last DUI was in 2004, so this DUI is more of a relapse than a sign of a pattern. As long as he gets help for his possible problems with alcohol consumption, I believe removing him from Olympic consideration would be excessive punishment for his Driving Under the Influence charges.

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