Michael Sam and Tony Dungy: Should sexual preference play a role in sports?

  • Umm? Aren't you guys forgetting something!?!

    NFL players get naked in the same locker room together when they change for a game. They shower together. They tackle each other. They hold hands during a pre game speech. But they have no sexual attraction towards each other because they're all bros! Nope, not anymore. This will add a huge level of awkwardness to some players. It's not fair to men who have a wife and don't want someone who would want to have sex with them looking at them naked. It's common sense to take pro cautions in this situation. Being gay won't affect Sam's ability. He's a beast of a defensive player, but he will create locker room controversy and awkwardness whether players are willing to admit it or not. It'd be the same tension as girls having a guys player on their sports team and having them change and shower together. How weird would that be ladies? Very weird indeed. So anyone who says this won't effect anything is fooling themselves. It will be a huge distraction, and if I was on the Rams, I'd be afraid to change in the same locker room as Michael Sam.

  • Id doesn't matter

    I don't think that sexual preference should play any particular role in sports, because it simply has nothing to do with athletic performance and training methods. The fact that we are still having this discussion is another proof that we, as a society, are not as advanced as we thought.

  • It shouldn't matter.

    The media likes blowing many things out of proportion. If they see something that's "different" (ie: An openly gay athlete playing in sports) they'll make sure that they report it 24/7, because what else would they do with their lives? They have a pretty big history of doing such things. To judge Michael Sam based on his sexuality, is like judging a book by it's cover. The only thing that matters here is if he can play football. If he can't, then he can't. If he can, then he can. Just because he's gay doesn't mean that he should get special privileges as a straight athlete. People always say they want to judge everyone equally, yet when it comes to gay athletes they treat them differently. Jason Collins is a good example. My point being is that sexuality should NOT matter when it comes to sports. It shouldn't, but unfortunately it does.

  • sexual prefercnce dosnt affect the ability to play.

    one sexual preference in no way affects ones ability to play in sports. this is also very discrimating and just plain unfair to them. if i gay man can play just as well as a striaght man then there should be no reason they both cant play. the same goes for women

  • Absolutely Should Not!

    Sexual preference has nothing to do with how a player is at the game. I'm sure more of the players have sexual preference for the same sex and just haven't come out because of everyone making such a big deal. Not letting openly gay players in the games will only result in homo-sexuals staying in the closet, it won't keep gay players out of the game! We should all just respect that their personal life is really NOT anyone's business and remember that we only know them because we like to watch the games. How would you feel if someone said you can't keep your job because you were born with your hair color, or because you are hetero-sexual and they don't agree with your personal life? You would tell them that is none of their business, so maybe you should remember they deserve that respect for theirs as well!

  • No, sexual preference should not play a role in sports.

    This argument is an issue of our time but the obvious answer is sitting right in front of us. The way a person was born should not determine how they are treated during their life. Whether they are born with different color skin or different sexual preference it does not matter. All sport players should be treated equally regardless of sexual preference.

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