Michael Schumacher Skiing Accident: Should helmets for skiing be mandatory?

  • Yes, helmets should be mandatory for skiing.

    With Michael Schumacher's skiing accident, we are reminded of the dangers of not wearing a helmet while skiing. Safety should always come first when participating in any sport where injury or death can occur. Helmets have been tested and proven to save lives and prevent irreversible damage such as partial and full paralysis.

  • They save lives.

    Yes, helmets for skiing should be mandatory, because they save so many lives. No one who ever sustained a head injury said they were glad that they were not wearing a helmet. We could cut back on our health costs and save some lives if we just made helmets mandatory for skiing.

  • Yes, helmets are important

    It's sad that accidents are often the catalyst for others to take safety precautions. Helmets should absolutely be required for skiing to prevent more accidents. Schumacher is lucky to be alive; other people, including other celebrities, have not been as lucky. In order to prevent this type of accident from happening again, ski resorts should require helmets be worn.

  • Safety comes First

    In the same way that you have to wear a helmet when on a bike, you should be obliged to wear a helmet when skiing. There is a high risk factor, and with all high risk factors should come an assessment and preventative actions put in place to minimise the potential of harm being caused.

  • Freedom says it all...

    Since we're living in a world with freedom, I suppose that we, ourselves have the rights to decide rather should we wear a helmet for skiing. According to Charles Darwin's "Survival of the Fittest" theory, if someone is stupid enough to not wear a helmet for skiing and had an accident. They deserve to have an accident or even die. So that our world will have one less stupid people who will contaminate our next generation. Jesus Christ. Way to go Michale Schumacher!

  • He was wearing a helmet....

    I mean if this is directed towards a celebrity that got hurt during a skiing accident its silly as Schumacher was wearing a helmet. Regarding skiing, I think its a person choice to wear a helmet when skiing. Its a risky sport going down hills fast so basically a person should not be dumb. Whats next tell surfers to wear life jackets? Or how about bubble ball NFL.

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