Michelle Funk was revived after falling into a creek by warming her blood: should this event be considered a miracle?

  • It is a miracle

    When Michelle fell in the creek she may have suffered from hyperthermia which lowers the body's temperature and in many cases puts the patient in a state of stasis. Once they are warmed and revived the body comes out of this static state and recovers quickly. Scientists are not sure why this occurs. I do believe that the perfect combination of hypothermic conditions and unconsciousness is definitely a miracle. I'm glad she made it through.

  • The progress of medical science

    A basic understanding of human physiology and the cardiovascular system is not a miracle, apart from the miracle that is the human body. It is simply the progress that medical science has made since the days of leeches on open sores and Freudian diagnoses. Thank science for advancing and EMT's for learning, not God for standing by.

  • No, miracles do not exist

    Science can prove this was not a miracle. The body can behave in incredible ways, not everything needs to be performed by the work of saints or the word of God. There is no religious basis for people to claim this was a miracle. Happy for her but a miracle it was not.

  • It shouldn't be, it's extraordinary but not magical

    There are so many things that we don't understand about the human body, everything from the smaller cellular functions to overall state of beings. The human body is very fragile and easily broken, but also surprisingly sturdy and resilient, especially in emergency situations. You have people running faster than they had ever ran in their lives because of adrenaline rushes in emergency situations, and you have people who pull large objects off of themselves and prevent themselves from being crushed, using every single muscle in their arms and upper body to bring forth the strength to survive, where normally such a severe usage of your muscles is impossible and detrimental. There are so many unexpected and unknown things revolving around humanity and the human body, things like Michelle Funk's revival are very surprising and no one knows what happened or why, but they shouldn't be considered a miracle when it's just another bodily mystery that we have yet to unfold.

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