Michelle Obama to guest star on "Nashville": Is it appropriate for the First Lady to appear in TV dramas?

  • Michelle Obama is a person and should be allowed to do what she wants.

    Obviously Michelle can't do anything she wants but a television show role is minor. She could even play herself which is not a big deal at all. It allows for more personal relationships with an important person in society. It could also result in a new view to be given to Michelle as a result of bonding with cast members.

  • Yes it is appropriate for a First Lady, Michelle Obama, to appear on a TV drama.

    Sure it is appropriate for a First Lady, such asvMichelle Obama, to appear on a TV drama. First Ladies have lives of their own, as well as their own supporters. In fact Jacqueline Kennedy, the wife of President John Kennedy, won an Emmy Award for her televised tour of the White House.

  • Yes it is fine.

    I see no problem with Michelle Obama appearing on a TV show or movie. Just because she is the First Lady doesn't mean that she can't do things like that. She has the time to do many different things, so if this is what she wants to do I see no problem with it.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, I do not see any reason why it might be considered inappropriate for our First Lady to appear on a TV dramas, in fact it may be a good way for her to express herself artistically, which is something that she probably wants to do. She may even strengthen her fan base.

  • No it would not

    I think it would not be appropriate just because she is the wife of the president. She should just stay as the wife and not try to be in TV shows. I understand that she should try different thing but i still feel like she has one job which is to be the wife of the president, not a TV actress . Then again I guess it would majorly depend on what her role was, if she were to appear as the First Lady on the TV drama then by all means go ahead. I do not have the knowledge to properly debate upon the matter but only my opinion.

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