Michelle Wie: Is Michelle Wie to women's golf what Tiger Woods was to men's golf ten years ago?

  • Yes Michelle Wie is driving new players to the golf, as Tiger did 15 years ago.

    LPGA golfer Michelle Wie is the new face of women's professional golf. She has developed a following that is learning to like the woman's golf game and see the value in watching the tournaments. She's young attractive and a world-class player. Just what the game needs at this point in time.

  • She is the personality.

    Yes, Michelle Wie is to women's golf what Tiger Woods was to men's golf ten years ago, because she is the one that you think of when someone says women's golf. At the time Tiger Woods was at his height, he was a real positive in the golf world. Michelle Wie is the biggest name in women's golf, and that is to her credit.

  • Michelle Wie is the Next Tiger Woods

    Yes, Michelle Wie has all the potential to be the next Tiger Woods. She is a skilled golfer and she has the ambition to make it big. it is very rare that you get the combination of skills, smarts, and media savvy that Tiger Woods has. But Michelle Wie has all that and more.

  • Michelle Wie not yet a female Tiger Woods

    Time can only tell if Michelle Wie will become the female version of Tiger Woods but as yet, she has not hit the heights that Tiger Wood achieved. Although there are similarities in their successes while still children, she still has a long way to go before she becomes as famous as Tiger Woods but in and out of the golf profession.

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