Michigan and Florida delegates in 2008 US elections: Is there popular support for allotting Michigan and Florida delegates?

  • Yes there is.

    I think there is popular support for allowing Michigan and Florida to have its delegates back. They had their delegates taken away for holding their primaries to early. Only a few states are allowed to have their primaries before February 5. In the first place, this is not fair. Secondly, they should only have there delegates removed for a few years, so I think many people would like them to have their delegates back.

  • It was right to seat the delegates

    Imagine telling the citizens of Florida and Michigan, two of the largest states in the union, that their votes don't count because of a technicality. It's just not feasible. Votes should be counted. It's the American way. The final solution of lowering those states' delegate counts was fair because it counted the votes of the citizens and also deterred states from front-loading their primaries in future election cycles.

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