Michigan and Florida delegates in 2008 US elections: Should Michigan and Florida's Jan. 29th vote be used to allot delegates?

  • States Should Alot Delegates as they See Fit

    If Michigan and Florida choose to use a January 29th vote to alot delegates they should be allowed to do so. There has to be some order to the system of voting and delegate allotment and whatever day they choose to make it has to be upheld in order for votes to be meaningful.

  • Yes, opinion is more important than party traditions.

    Yes, the opinions of the millions of voters in Michigan and Florida is more important than letting tradition stand of allowing certain states to hold their primaries first. It is silly that a national committee allows certain states to hold their primaries first. Doing so effectively prevents other states, like Michigan and Florida to sway an election. These states should have their voices heard, too.

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